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I was nominated for the Spread The Love/ Love In Ten Sentences Challenge by Echoes of Life (Check out what she has written! 😊).

 😀  So guys, here it is:


You gave me all;

Thought wasn’t for me,

that seemed a dream,

that I didn’t deserve,

that enlightened my soul,

that gave me hope,

that gave me all,

with our love divine,

with our love complete,

Our infinite love with,

One soul, two bodies. 


This quote by William Shakespeare is irrevocably extraordinary ^_^


I nominate the following blogs for the challenge:


suchetana mukherjee

Ajay vyas

I wonder why

Everyone else is free to take up the challenge. Let your soul do the talking 😀

Here are the rules:-

1. Write about LOVE in ten sentences of four words each.

2. Share your favourite love quote.

3. Nominate fellow bloggers.

I would LOVE to know what you come up with! And, if you’ve already written something, just post the link in the comments section below. 🙂

Go ahead, share the love! 

Live: Up To The Mark

03124_HDLife is the strangest yet beautiful gift to us from the Lord Almighty. So let yourself embrace the joy of life and kick the feeling of sadness out and fill in the rhythm of love,  instead overload it with happiness and then explode yourself with laughter. Then you will be truly living,  i.e UPTO THE MARK. 


Savior~ by Shambhavi Vaidya

This poem is like a ray of the times of distress..restoring faith in humanity..
Every other day, we read, we see, witness, hopeless situations.. Broken homes, broken hearts, poverty conquering half the world, political torment, and much this world of unhappiness and distraught..words are not enough to pacify..but the feelings generated on reading are pacifying..:)



Softness in the core

Like of an oyester,

Fierce waves lashing the shore

Damp sand studded with shells

Solitary girl amidst, salt laden breeze..

Breeze in the hair..sand entrapped spaces

Between soft tiny toes..

Light in her eyes..despite black of the fate..

Joy in her heart..hunger in her stomach

Impeccable..remarkable brightness of her mind..

Enlightening the voyagers of the west..

Fiber cumulating under her nail..of finger,

Known fingers doing wonders..

Creation of God..abandoned by none but us..

Mere humans..complexity fathom deep..

A shelter.. a blessing, some love,divine..

For, a necessity.. Fate a curse..

Ash coloured skirt..crimson shirt..

Charity by..kind heart..or..

Man ashamed..

Littered minds..white sand beach..

Cyan expanse..Clarity at its best

Her mirror..her reflection

She lives.. she thrives..

Under the blanket of the dark blue sky,

Enlightened tunnel..

Hand raised..

Blurred future turning bright,

Ceasing restored.

Chirping gulls..shutter of camera..

Echos of her past..

Now a hue…

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Abysmal Love


Be my mirror,

Hold my hand,

My savior, my knight in shining armour,

Peace to my emotional war-land.

You a blessing: a devout lover,

Me a devotee of our love,

A vow to be with you forever;

Yours and only yours my love.

Healing soul of ours,

Heart as one,

Love that showers,

Warm like the sun.


Beautiful Spring


Beautiful spring has come,

Green leaves,

Vibrant shades of red.

A hue of mustard,

Violets, pinks and lily white

Dancing along gentle wind,

To the rhythm of the chirps,

Of beautiful happy birds.

Fluffy puffs welcome,

Gleaming sun in the sky.

Pretty butterflies flying by,

with rabbits and squirrels hopping by.





I pause to forgive you,

I board a plane,

to land of my miseries.


I try to forgive you:

I convince myself

not to do so.


I feel I must forgive you:

my past flashes,

to blur my vision.


I push myself to forgive you:

glimpse of broken me,

pushes me away.


I think of forgiving you:

Memories of your ruthless behavior,

enrages my heart.


to move forward,

I need to forgive you.

Past be my lesson,

I won’t let you

Darken my present.


hence will cease.

This time.

I will forgive you,

I will let go,




In My Dream


On a random night,

With sleep in sight,

I turn my eyes to you.

Lips pressed in crimson hue,

My dreams and desires.

Sparks of love- igniting fires,

Of emotion intensified.

Strands of black untied,

Grazing my shoulder;

Charming you say, I smolder.

With your deep eyes,

meeting mine, my palms, they rise.

I lay in your arms tonight,

with all my might,

Consigning to oblivion this distance

In my dream, for an instance.


This poem is for those who are/ were in a Long Distance Relationship ❤

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