By the sea

Shambhavi's Photography

Standing on the Mother Earth,
grazed by the Winds of wisdom
as it blows & our soul-
being washed by the waves
of the beautiful blue expanse;
We are left with nothing,
as we are just
a part and parcel
of this Eternal Universe.


Talks about Mooladhara chakra

Temple of Spirit

Innocence and Spirit

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviI told you, innocence is the Spirit, and Spirit is the innocence, which cannot be destroyed by anything. The fact is that it cannot be destroyed by anything, and it can be re-established through Sahaja Yoga.
You might have been a very aggressive person, you might have been a very unhappy person, you might have been a person who is all the time disturbing others – maybe. But after Sahaja Yoga, you can make your personality so sweet and beautiful that, not only you can enjoy, but others can also enjoy.
This innocence is something which is absolute, honest intelligence. It is not that it works for some purpose. But it is purposeless. It is absolutely purposeless. And thus it achieves that height of joy because there is no purpose in anything. It sees the futility of all kinds of endeavours that we have, and it just enjoys.

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#8 Truth Of Life: Learn to Let Go

It’s alright to not have control over everything. I’m bit of a control freak, I prefer things to be the way I would appreciate it to be.

But, I’ve to learn to let go, let go of the burden of making everything right, sometimes somethings happen for good. We must learn to accept things and let go of that pulls us down from flying high.

Let go of the clutches

Don’t let yourself get engulfed

By mere sadness that revolves at times

It’s a yin yang.

Let peace prevail.


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#7 Truth Of Life: Hope


Sending shivers,
Down my body.
A gust of hard cold wind-
Piercing my skin.
Like a knife cutting through fragile,
Fountain of red gushing by.
A winter of grey
surfing by,
The whiteness of the snow-
Topped peaks of mountains,
Over the roads turned rink,
Skating by the trees that turned to skeleton.
That is what Winter WAS for me,
But no more!
 》》》》Shambhavi Bhardwaj《《《《

Smile & Smile

Good afternoon fellow bloggers,

I’ve been following few comical channels on YouTube & I would love to start some kind of comedy challenge out here at WP.

What’re your views??

Let me know down below in the comment section and if you do come up with some ideas jot it down too.

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DISCLAIMER: 》》》■■■Something that is feasible and we all can have a great laugh everyday. Just plain comedy with no sarcasm or criticism.■■■《《《


Aydzhan Ismail_Cherry blossom_Z0FkRmE.jpg

When the sun rose enlightening the horizon,
When a flower unfurled from a minuscule bud,
When green drenched leaves rustled with the wind,
When flock of feathers chirped & twittered:
A beautiful soul was born-
Amidst the sanctity and serenity that surrounds.

P.S: Few coolers for your eyes.

Nature is beautiful indeed.


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Hello Everybody



Finally I’m BACK!


Good noon to all of you.

I’ve missed reading all the good posts our here, I’ve missed posting; and yeah, it has been good 4 months without blogging.

They say, if we want to achieve something, sacrifice something good enough. Soo, yes that’s my story ah.

I’m back now & yeah it feels awesome.

So A big Helloo to all of you.

Wishing you all

A Very Happy

Brand New Year.


Coming up with a new post soon, also sorry to have not replied to the lovely comments. Getting right back at it.

See yaaaaah,

🌻Shambhavi 🌻