We come across a lot of articles, blogs, newspaper columns, stories, everyday news, magazine abstracts, celeb gossip, horoscopes, interviews and so on. We read them, stare at them when an issue is on our mind,we read them for time-pass, as a habit, with a cup of coffee, on our comfy beds, or in the toilet, as a refreshment. Few read them out of choice, as an editor , few read it for personal enlightenment, as a part of literature and few read it for pleasure. A writer, call him by any name, a poet, an author, a publisher, a lyricist, a diary keeper, etc, etc; creates a masterpiece appreciated as well as criticized by many. We all need a source to vent out the growing fears, increasing anxiety, happy moments,sad encounters, joyous moments of our lives, broken dreams, broken hearts. A writer finds his piece a medium to communicate,Β  his story, and its upon the reader to understand his story, realize the deeper meaning. As a writer myself, I find joy in jotting down my feelings, my views, my story and I know in ‘my’ writing you may find ‘your’ stories, your feelings.
I wish to provide solace and hope to all those who need them. I hope you find that “thing”- a feeling, a lost memory, a ray of hope, a pinch of inspiration, and most of all, peace of mind. I hope my words, leave an imprint on your mind. πŸ™‚


Chintu :*

Few words from ‘Him’ has, so much effect on me.. His words, His essence, and all those little (chintu :*) things done by ‘Him’ makes me happy.It has some kind of “Special Special Effect” on me!! He is the smile on my face..the shine in my eyes..the glow of my face..the hope in my heart and my reason to live..
To sum it up,
‘He’ is my “one and only”. ^_^
In life, small things matters..small things done by our loved ones..One small gesture of love is remembered..forever..and these memories are the sweetest among the other ones we gather during our lifetime.. πŸ™‚
Now its time to fall into a deep slumber.. Before that, remember those teeny tiny memories of the happy times..and then fall asleep.. Ciao tomorrow πŸ™‚

Goodnite Bloggers!

Hey ppl! I am..I have had this whole idea of starting my own blog, for quite sometime..Atlast, I’ve managed to start Ultimatesolace πŸ™‚ Hope this journey of my thoughts, provide solace to not one but many..May hope, peace and faith prevail πŸ™‚ Signing off for now Goodnite guys and sweet dreams πŸ™‚ ^_^



White as the sea salt..
Bright as the snowy hilltop,
Pure as the mist born on a december morning..
Tender as maternal love..
Beautiful as the expression seeing her baby’s milestone of mother..
True like the blessings of the Almighty..
Enchanting as the saint’s Aum..
Happy as the couple blessed with their bundle of joy..
Warm as a rag is to a poor in the coldest nights..
Believing as the wishes made on a shooting star..
Your love is colour of my life
Turning all shades of sorrow into the strokes of joy..
Painting my soul with the palate of your love.
Your love is my strength..
My life.

And i know..its love..

When a newborn’s cry echos in mother’s ears as sign of happiness..
When smile means i’ll be alrightΒ 
When tears say i am happy
When heart beats as yours beats
As one love one life one soul..US..
~Shambhavi Vaidya

P.S: Ankit, I’ve written this poem for US :*

Savior~ by Shambhavi Vaidya


Softness in the core

Like of an oyester,

Fierce waves lashing the shore

Damp sand studded with shells

Solitary girl amidst, salt laden breeze..

Breeze in the hair..sand entrapped spaces

Between soft tiny toes..

Light in her eyes..despite black of the fate..

Joy in her heart..hunger in her stomach

Impeccable..remarkable brightness of her mind..

Enlightening the voyagers of the west..

Fiber cumulating under her nail..of finger,

Known fingers doing wonders..

Creation of God..abandoned by none but us..

Mere humans..complexity fathom deep..

A shelter.. a blessing, some love,divine..

For, a necessity.. Fate a curse..

Ash coloured skirt..crimson shirt..

Charity by..kind heart..or..

Man ashamed..

Littered minds..white sand beach..

Cyan expanse..Clarity at its best

Her mirror..her reflection

She lives.. she thrives..

Under the blanket of the dark blue sky,

Enlightened tunnel..

Hand raised..

Blurred future turning bright,

Ceasing restored.

Chirping gulls..shutter of camera..

Echos of her past..

Now a hue of english..tinge of math..

Resonating in her ears.

Couple of years from then..

Learned soul..unpertubed life;

She, a part of family..

Family of the necessitous..

Hand lent..hers now,

Unnumbered lives salvaged.

Hand in hand..they live

Prosperous, lambent life..

Toughened like that of an oyster,

Softness in the core..

Amidst sea of people

Predominant she is..

One hand, saved numerous souls..

Concrete will..strong at heart..

Weave a beautiful life for another.

~By Shambhavi Vaidya