#7 Haiku: Friendship


Our relationship
Felt like strawberries in cake
Ambrosial and blithe.


For my best friend


Credits: pinterest

Dear best friend,

I met you when I had no friends
I met you when I was in a foreign land
I met you when I didn’t know how to blend
I met you when I didn’t know that you were there to hold my hand
I met you when I needed a sister
I met you when I was lost
I met you when all I did was just whisper
I met you when I wasn’t aware of the cost
Of our friendship that’s priceless
You’re my sister
May you be happy always &
stay blessed
I wish for you A Happily Ever-After
You’re a beautiful soul
I love you my dear woman
We’ll continue to rock and roll
And to this let’s just say ‘Amen‘.
~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award


Good afternoon! Hello fellas! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’πŸ’
It’s weekend already, so get in your best attire and rock the party or wear your most comfortable pajamas and hit the lazy mode, while those working the weekend , have a great day!

I am over the ranting episode I had yesterday. Moving on,
I’ve been nominated by Abhishek for the Black Cat Blue sea award. Perhaps I can write it better because I saw a black cat at the beach last weekend so that might just be the scenario I need to keep in my mind! πŸ˜€
I guess I am pretty much gobbled by the rant so please bear with me!

Abhishek, of imockery is a great writer and has really good insight on aspects of life. His way of putting his thoughts into words is enigmatic. Please visit his blog soon if you haven’t already. I am so happy to have him on this beautiful journey. Also, he loves batman so batman lovers you’ve company! Me included! πŸ˜€

Thank you so much for nominating me!Β 

Let’s know more about the award:

This award is basically for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it.

Let’s get the rules right:


I have questions to be answered. So here is the revelation:

β˜† Who is your favorite Musician/Band of all time?

I don’t have favourites, I enjoy music of all genres and if you ask me,
When I’m angry/ spirited: Eminem
When I’m happy: Hindi/ Punjabi number
When I’m concentrating: No music.
When I’m calm and composed: Poets of the fall and Metallica
And the list goes on.
β˜† Three Things you regret the most in your life.

Well, I may have few things on my mind, but you see I’m on my path to recovery and wouldn’t want to indulge in regrets. I apologize for having nothing to say to this! But, I would like to add something: Live your life to the fullest and have no regrets!

β˜† Favorite Fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie/TV Show till date.

I’m more of a series fan than a movie fan, though I’m going for a movie tonight! πŸ˜‰

€€GOSSIP GIRL€€ anyone who knows me well, knows I love that series to have watched it multiple times. Maybe 20 times or more than that and yes it has 6 seasons with about 22 episodes/ season approximately.
Other series I like are: Reign, Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Suits.

My questions for the nominees:
1. Which place on Earth would be your place for some ‘me time’?
2. Your favourite band/ artist/ genre/ song?
3. Your first poem/ writing’s title and story behind the scenes.

I would like to nominate:

Emotions of life

Congratulations guys! Have an awesome weekend!

You’re an angel

This poem is for Qui of Love Quirky



When I met you I found my glimpse in you,
Didn’t know how well it would go,
Our conversation then took on a roll!
It went low, it went high,
Like the sea waves touching the beautiful night sky!
When moon was round, with no clouds to surround-
You called me sister, with sweetness profound!
Like the unfurling petals with first ray of light-
Our friendship grew and took a flight,
When the rising sun touched the horizon,
Sending the receding moon for a run.
And that was how I met my friend,
Our friendship and promises that will never end.
We will soar high,
Like two birdies painting the sky!
~Shambhavi 😍😘

#2 Truth Of Life: Happiness


Be Happy!😌

The more we give, the more we shall recieve.
It’s a state of mind. I am happy today, I can’t tell that for tomorrow. As I have already shared earlier that I’m on my path to recovery and I must say it’s an arduous task indeed. I don’t know when I will reach that state of mind.
But I know happiness is there for me. I have to have faith in me and God, I’m sure this will definitely help me heal. If I am happy, I can spread it around and I would love to do that. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Here on wordpress I’ve met amazing writers and I want to thank them all. You guys have inspired me when I needed it, and one person who I felt so connected to is Qui(QuirkyShine of Love Quirky).
She is like my soul sister. I can’t describe how in sync our thoughts are. Reading her poem is like reading me. It’s mesmerizing! She is an exquisite poetess with a beautiful soul! Do check her blog here. You will be entering a different realm for sure!

Supreet of TheOnlySup is a great person, he is gem of a person indeed! Supreet has always inspired me and helped me stay on the path of righteousness. He has always supported me. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me. Do check out his blog here.

I’m blessed to have found Qui and Sup and I’m very grateful to have them in my life.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ
Have a great day guys!!
Best wishes,


Me, Qui and Sup!!


True that!

One Lovely Blog 2016

Hi everyone!
It has been quite a busy few weeks with me fighting with my own demons. Well, I can’t say I am done fighting all of them, but I thought writing will help me get through it.

My blogger friend, Phoenix…09 gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Thankyou so much for this award and for providing me with this much needed opportunity! I can’t thankyou enough.

Kewal of Phoenix…09 has nominated me for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD 2016!


Award πŸ’•

This award comes with the following gifts and return gifts:
β–  Write SEVEN (yes you heard that right) secrets/ facts that you’re comfortable sharing with the world.
β–  Nominate 15 friends on WP. (You can do this with your bestie too πŸ˜› ). Don’t forget to notify them of the same.
β–  Oh I forgot, you have to thank the person who nominated you for the award.
β–  Display the award.

I was supposed to write 7 facts about me. I decided to list them all, over here. But I don’t know how I ended up writing my journey that lead me to become what I am today. Well it’s all in here. Too lengthy I guess. Care to stick till the end.
Throw some light in here》》》》》》

1. An optimist can’t be made in a day. It takes lots of positivity, vibes, qoutes, people..but this is secondary. A will to become positive is the primary requirement. So it took me quite a lot of time to become what I’m today. With a will to achieve and complete belief you can achieve anything in life.

2. I believe in honesty and by default expect the same from others too. I have faith in me but can’t say the same for others. My first instinct is to trust people blindly, but I guess every person comes with a lesson to teach and once learnt can’t be forgotten. It’s either a lesson or a benefit as my blogger friend Phoenix mentioned in his post.

3. If I have some work to complete, I won’t be at peace until I have completed the same. I have to complete it to be at peace. It’s literally impossible otherwise.

4. Change. We all fear this word. It’s just a 6 lettered word, but we seem to have given it a lot of weight given the circumstances we are in. I fear change too. Who doesn’t. But we do accept it at one point of time. If it’s a good one why not accept it without any delay. If it’s a bad one- why worry, everything has a solution. That change can be very much life changing. See there is change again. Have faith in yourself and God. Next time when you hear the word, think of many new possibilities that comes with the word. It won’t sound intense at all!

5. Love. Love yourself! Ok.. this is a difficult one. I am still trying to get to that. You can love someone else only if you love yourself. So, who loves you the most?! You of course! πŸ˜‰

6. I thought I won’t make it to no. 6. But I have! (*Little victory party inside my head with a winner smile*). πŸ˜€ I don’t believe in unwarranted braggadocio! It’s cool to know what you have is awesome, but it’s totally un-cool if you put it in people’s face. It doesn’t irk the feeling of jealousy but of disgust.

7. Finally the last one! Pleasing people. A big no no for me! Okay that’s definitely not me. I can’t can’t can’t please people. If you like me the way I’m, well that’s great but if you don’t, it’s still great.

》》》》》》Now time for the gifts:

Nominating all of you for the award:

1. http://www.simpleheadgirl.wordpress.com
2. http://www.onlysup.wordpress.com
3. http://www.revaparihar.wordpress.com
4. http://www.romanticshayri.wordpress.com
5. http://www.williamleeone.wordpress.com
6. http://www.teenamanjunattu.wordpress.com
7. http://www.feelingsoulmate.wordpress.com
8. http://www.shadowsinmidnight.wordpress.com
9. http://www.jackiejain.wordpress.com
10. http://www.wanderingviolet.wordpress.com
11. http://www.randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com
12. http://www.euphonyat6.wordpress.com
13. http://www.tanushree0830.wordpress.com
14. http://www.deanneworld.wordpress.com
15. http://www.anarmchairperfectionist.wordpress.com

Unmentioned names are gifted with the award too!! So feel free to feel happy and be less secretive once in a while!

~ Shambhavi 😍



I pause to forgive you,

I board a plane,

to land of my miseries.


I try to forgive you:

I convince myself

not to do so.


I feel I must forgive you:

my past flashes,

to blur my vision.


I push myself to forgive you:

glimpse of broken me,

pushes me away.


I think of forgiving you:

Memories of your ruthless behavior,

enrages my heart.


to move forward,

I need to forgive you.

Past be my lesson,

I won’t let you

Darken my present.


hence will cease.

This time.

I will forgive you,

I will let go,




Somewhere In Neverland

Once upon a time, one day or at some point of time in your life, the thought of “escaping” would have crossed your mind. Even if its not a physical escape, mental escape is what we all want. The truth be told, if not others, I want to escape, far far away, somewhere in neverland . To fill life into “escape” is a tough task. In our mind, we keep escaping from the reality and from our thoughts, we would love to be at ease. Serenity is what we all desire and when our mind is blank with nothing to review, regret or repeat, we grow. I want to go to a place where I can breath. I’m breathing here too, the normal respiration which is our body’s matter of concern. But, I am referring to the other breathing, breathing at ease.
How many of you love beach? I do. The feel of wind in my hair, the smile on my face, a glance at the sea and the next moment you are alone. This loneliness is solitude, which is so serene and beautiful. As I continue to describe, I have this urge to go there right now. πŸ™‚ That is physical escape. Mental escape is, where you sit in a bus with ear-plugs insitu and there you are; lost in the music world, enjoying every bit of it with no awareness of the surrounding or when we dream. We all day dream, c’mon its not so bad after all.Somethings are more appreciated in there, than in reality. I wish we all had magic and we could create our own space, and live with peace.But, an amazing imagination of that sort is not feasible, we can’t wait for it so why not create our own space by going for a walk alone or a drive with our favorite artist echoing in our ears. Let your vestibular apparatus have some fun.Go to a beach or roof top, wherever you can empty your mind and enjoy the solitude πŸ™‚
I hope you all have a happy time in your ‘Somewhere in Neverland’! Bon Voyage πŸ™‚