Chintu :*

Few words from ‘Him’ has, so much effect on me.. His words, His essence, and all those little (chintu :*) things done by ‘Him’ makes me happy.It has some kind of “Special Special Effect” on me!! He is the smile on my face..the shine in my eyes..the glow of my face..the hope in my heart and my reason to live..
To sum it up,
‘He’ is my “one and only”. ^_^
In life, small things matters..small things done by our loved ones..One small gesture of love is remembered..forever..and these memories are the sweetest among the other ones we gather during our lifetime.. 🙂
Now its time to fall into a deep slumber.. Before that, remember those teeny tiny memories of the happy times..and then fall asleep.. Ciao tomorrow 🙂


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