Happy Holi

Wishing one and all A Very Happy Holi.
This is my very first post in hindi.
For those who can’t follow:
Today is Holi- festival of colours.
It’s celebrated in India irrespective of any caste, religion or race. It’s the festival of humanity. Feel free to take some colour or face paint and have a fun day putting it on the people you love.
Have a great day!
~ Shambhavi

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Purpose of Life

Our mind is ambient,
With phobic and philic elements-
Of bundle of emotions.
Creating fire of inflammable,
Which extinguishes with water of patience!
Desire butts in,
To achieve the impossible!
Determination befriends him,
Hard work follows.
How can dedication miss the opportunity:
To make new friends,
She dives and swims along.
Bon voyage: sings the heart.
Their friendship keeps them going,
Their love keeps them together,
On a never ending journey: LIFE.
We all have come here for a purpose,
We shall thrive until we find it,
We shall live fulfilling the purpose!
Completion of the Purpose-
Is the ultimate destination.

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Fight your fight!

When you feel your word is not heard,
When you feel your emotions are hurt,
When you feel you’re not respected-
When you feel your trust is broken;

You’re not alone!
You’re not alone to face the world:
Of harsh behavior and empty words.
Fight your fight,
Never bow down in front of injustice.

When you feel you’re not strong enough,
When you feel your essence is of no worth,
When you feel your faith is shaken-
When you feel you’re taken for granted;

You’re not alone!
You’re not alone to face the world:
Of two faced people in cloak of angel.
Fight against the injustice!
You’re not alone,
You’re not alone.


P.S: This poetry is based on a dream I saw last night and I woke up with the determination to fight against any injustice. If you are unable to stand against it, you are indirectly supporting it and no longer the victim but the one inflicting it.
Don’t let the situation control you, pull the reins and get control of your situation!


You can do it!


You were sent by God,
My savior!
To pull me out:
of the dungeon-
Of misery and gloom.
You saved me,
You saved my soul.
Your caressing touch,
Doused in love and kindness,
Healed the wounds,
That bled on every touch!
Your eyes did the magic,
I got lost in them,
Traversing through your open soul-
I found my shore.
Our shore of oneness,
Our abode of love,
I drowned in the sea of our emotions-
Only to drown the suffering,
I came afloat, to you-
My savior.
I failed to resist your magnetism,
Your kind soul pulled me in.
I’m glad I failed there,
I’m glad I stopped running.
We started with our perfect ‘Nirvana‘,
We made it eternal with not one promise,
But seven vows.
Seven vows of heaven!
And then, Nothing else mattered!