Don’t let the darkness of night

stop you from believing in

the sunshine that follows.




When words meant


I tried being silent

You messaged me once

You messaged me twice

And ’twas the last.

I told you to go away

And for a change

you said Yes

Without a fight.

That night everything


Perhaps not you but,

My life changed

My world changed

I changed.

Since, I haven’t

looked back

And, I won’t be

looking either.


#11 My Thoughts: Like Salt in the Sea


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Can you forget those tiny droplets

That crept across your face with fear

The wind that dried crystal laden streams

Those hiccups that sucked the life out

The air that got stuck within the cage, ribcage

Of heart that it encloses

Shattered into million pieces

Of joy that no longer remains 

Tiny sparkles of joy that lit

Your eyes containing that dream within

Now that has dulled with grim

I wonder if you can forget

That moment that shook everything within?


P.S: I guess we all own few areas of gray, that we prefer to forget but do the redundant!

Human mind after all! 😁😁

Clouds: they thunder, they weep.

Don’t you see clouds?

Their attempt so beautiful

to tell a story:

One of a kind,

Don’t you worry!

When sadness makes way in,

Just look up

At the Wide vast expanse

Of fluffy cotton balls amidst blue backdrop

Let your sadness out!

Breath in the crisp air

Surround yourself with happiness 

And smile at the story

Clouds gather around to tell.

~ Shambhavi ©

Excerpts from My Diary




This is very intense. The struggle we face, the fight that awaits, everyday it’s nothing but a battle within against our thoughts.😦 Sometimes, all we need is reassurance, hope and faith. I was on a very pessimistic path, but my mother kept pushing me towards the path of positivity. When I started my blog, I chose to write everything on my mind, no distinction between positive or negative thoughts, but it was my mother who asked me to put in only the happy ones so as to attract positivity in life.

It’s not easy, there are days I just feel like crying to myself, staying aloof- away from everyone. There are days when I do nothing but doubt myself with multiple thoughts in my head, perhaps they are busy fighting a fight of their own.

I have grown to dislike wrong things people talk. It’s alright to have an opinion different from others, but it’s another thing to get angry, and then burst out crying for reason very trivial. I haven’t found any reason for my guilty palpitations or the tremors that are far from ceasing and the emptiness in the chest gets me. I am scared to fall prey to any of these, these emotions and thoughts are my enemies and I don’t know how to get over this.😦

To all the readers, who are facing this or have faced this ever, don’t lose hope. I can relate to your dilemma somewhere and, I hope we all recover and feel normal soon. Take care.

Best wishes,


P.S: Have faith and keep going. Don’t give up. Ever. Remember that always. ☺🌻🌻🌻 May the beautiful sunshine be with you always! 

No Expectations


Leaving me overwhelmed-
the words you choose,
to convey your thoughts
Are too harsh!
Piercing through my skin they,
Make my eyes bleed,
Tears of disappointment.
I see my expectations dying,
A painful death.
Suffocated at the hands of your chosen:
Words so venomous!
Alas, makes me realize
Never to expect.
Live like a free bird,
Soaring high in
the clear blue sky.
Un-stirred, imponderous;
But having a say,
like the seal of an unbroken promise-
From God to us,
To love us always.
~ Shambhavi©