Carte Blanche

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Allow me
In your heart
Let me percolate within
Slowly & viciously to
Escalate rhythmically
In your veins
Synchronized along your
Heart that beats
To beats
Thumping in my ears
To glory
Let this distance be covered
Once & for all
Draw the veil
Overlying your soul
Oblige me to transfuse
Mine into yours
It’s time dah-ling
To embrace that distance
Push it aside
Farther as it gets
Around the globe
I’ve come all the way
Let our souls collide
Into the light
That touches the horizon
From dusk to dawn
I’m pushed to pull
that veil down
Awning those pretty eyes
That are all mine to see
For the starry skies
Is all that I see
In them until
It’s time for me
To arise to reality.

P.S: dedicated to the love of my life😘😘

I miss you babe.

Drops Of Passion

Romantic drizzles

Love sizzles

Splash of charm

When umbrella of togetherness

Opens, sprinkling

Drops of desire

Sliding off my skin

Leaving a Patchy trail

For sensuous wind

To erect my hair on the ends

Setting my skin ablaze

On fire of tandem dance

Tango-ing with you

Under the thundering skies

Singing songs of pleasure

Random lights of bokeh

Coupled clouds 

A witness to-

A stage set on fire

By the sensuality

Of souls in rhythm

Drenched in drops divine.

~ Shambhavi ©



His touch knows,
All ends and all the beginnings.
When the sun goes down,
Echoes the beats distorted,
Lowering my gaze,
Sensing the warmth.
The tightness in the air,
Trembles my lips with,
Momentary wetness
From the slide of tongue,
Triumphing at the glory,
Of parted lips of mine!
Lowering my gaze further down,
I touch the louder than usual,
Beating heart of his,
With my hands.
Hands that I seem to have,
Lost control of.
They wander like a lost kid in a fair,
To the muscles of his chest,
I graze, I gaze setting his skin ablaze;
With pleasure that keeps dripping,
From the sensations that kept us going!
Looking up to look into those eyes,
That never could leave mine!
Hearts raced, Sweat embraced,
My fingers in his curls & his on my curves.
Ecstasy in the air,
A night that will never cease,
To settle for any less!
As the moonlight filled the room,
Lay two closely entwined bodies,
With a single soul and passion on the roll.
~ Shambhavi❤

P.S: This is quite an unusual post for me, but nevertheless, I can be writing on similar grounds again. I hope you all like it. Do let me know in the comment section.😊😊⚘⚘