#7 Haiku: Friendship


Our relationship
Felt like strawberries in cake
Ambrosial and blithe.


#5 Haiku: Hello Autumn


When autumn arrives
Hug yourself tight my dear
Don’t wither away!


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#1 Haiku: Rustic Ripples



I have never written a Haiku before. 🙈
I was introduced to it here on WP and I’m still testing the water, cause I’m not very sure, this is my first Haiku and I hope I have done justice to the age old Haiku writing! 😌

                  Where will the boats go
                        Water is so calm
               Perhaps rust in the seawater.

P.S: A boat won’t sail in water so still, similarly we need a rough sea to sail our boat called life for an amazing journey and to cherish those moments later.