I wonder why


Midnight blue

It’s arduous to get up,
Once you’ve fallen down.
Evanescence is no bliss,
But, profanity!
Vicious cycle of memories,
Like an incessant tape-
Playing on repeat.
Emotions so vehement!
Feeling so aghast.
Like the shade of blue- of the sky,
when evening meets the night.
Stars shining-
Victory afloat,
Midnight blue bleeds,
Drowning star once afloat,
Wailing for help, save our souls.
Vicious cycle of above and under,
Continues sincerely unblemished.
That shade has now become,
One of my favorites, and-
I wonder why.

One Lovely Blog 2016

Hi everyone!
It has been quite a busy few weeks with me fighting with my own demons. Well, I can’t say I am done fighting all of them, but I thought writing will help me get through it.

My blogger friend, Phoenix…09 gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Thankyou so much for this award and for providing me with this much needed opportunity! I can’t thankyou enough.

Kewal of Phoenix…09 has nominated me for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD 2016!


Award πŸ’•

This award comes with the following gifts and return gifts:
β–  Write SEVEN (yes you heard that right) secrets/ facts that you’re comfortable sharing with the world.
β–  Nominate 15 friends on WP. (You can do this with your bestie too πŸ˜› ). Don’t forget to notify them of the same.
β–  Oh I forgot, you have to thank the person who nominated you for the award.
β–  Display the award.

I was supposed to write 7 facts about me. I decided to list them all, over here. But I don’t know how I ended up writing my journey that lead me to become what I am today. Well it’s all in here. Too lengthy I guess. Care to stick till the end.
Throw some light in here》》》》》》

1. An optimist can’t be made in a day. It takes lots of positivity, vibes, qoutes, people..but this is secondary. A will to become positive is the primary requirement. So it took me quite a lot of time to become what I’m today. With a will to achieve and complete belief you can achieve anything in life.

2. I believe in honesty and by default expect the same from others too. I have faith in me but can’t say the same for others. My first instinct is to trust people blindly, but I guess every person comes with a lesson to teach and once learnt can’t be forgotten. It’s either a lesson or a benefit as my blogger friend Phoenix mentioned in his post.

3. If I have some work to complete, I won’t be at peace until I have completed the same. I have to complete it to be at peace. It’s literally impossible otherwise.

4. Change. We all fear this word. It’s just a 6 lettered word, but we seem to have given it a lot of weight given the circumstances we are in. I fear change too. Who doesn’t. But we do accept it at one point of time. If it’s a good one why not accept it without any delay. If it’s a bad one- why worry, everything has a solution. That change can be very much life changing. See there is change again. Have faith in yourself and God. Next time when you hear the word, think of many new possibilities that comes with the word. It won’t sound intense at all!

5. Love. Love yourself! Ok.. this is a difficult one. I am still trying to get to that. You can love someone else only if you love yourself. So, who loves you the most?! You of course! πŸ˜‰

6. I thought I won’t make it to no. 6. But I have! (*Little victory party inside my head with a winner smile*). πŸ˜€ I don’t believe in unwarranted braggadocio! It’s cool to know what you have is awesome, but it’s totally un-cool if you put it in people’s face. It doesn’t irk the feeling of jealousy but of disgust.

7. Finally the last one! Pleasing people. A big no no for me! Okay that’s definitely not me. I can’t can’t can’t please people. If you like me the way I’m, well that’s great but if you don’t, it’s still great.

》》》》》》Now time for the gifts:

Nominating all of you for the award:

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Unmentioned names are gifted with the award too!! So feel free to feel happy and be less secretive once in a while!

~ Shambhavi 😍