That feeling

I guess we all have those days, when we are mesmerized by the feelings that touched us once and then again making it’s way into our body, flowing in our blood. That’s love.❤

Enjoy the adrenaline of love that ceases to decrease. 😇😇

Have a great day peeps.🙋‍♀️


When it comes to love

We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between selflessness
And attachment.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between contentment
And fulfillment.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between happiness
And sadness.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between fantasy
And reality.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love.

I will be there for you

Happy Mother’s Day!! ❤❤🥰🥰😇😇


From a mother to her child:
“I will catch you,
If you cry,
Will hold you till your tears stop.
I will catch you
If you roll over,
Make a wall of pillows to keep you safe.
I will catch you,
If you try to run,
Books or fright I will be by your side.
I will catch you,
If you hide from me,
I know you love playing hide and seek.
I will catch you
If you pout at me,
A teardrop with tantrum, a toy or not.
I will catch you,
If you are in a hideous suit,
Covered in cerelac and banana mash.
I will catch you,
If you stumble,
No boulder too big for mumma’s boy.
I will catch you,
If you fall for a boy,
Don’t forget, career and health is gold.
I will catch you,
If your world turns upside down,
With a sight…

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Retreating waves

The waves: they retreat
they hinder the flow;
Of the waves that are-
approaching the shore
Reflecting the cycle of life.
The more you retreat back
into the past,
the present is lost
into the sands of time.
Don’t let your past
hold you back!
Stay in the present
Live in the moment,
Let the past flow away.

Rowing away solitary


I’m floating in stagnant waters
You are no where to be seen.
We started our journey
Together on a boat
We drowned in bliss of melodies
We enjoyed together
We rowed away;
Happy as people for life
But here I’m-
Floating in the stagnant water
Where your trace is long gone!
You’re aboard another boat
With someone who you adore.
It’s sad you don’t realize what we were
It’s sad that I do
I guess letting go is all I have
With all the strength I have
I’m letting you go.
Good bye dear friend
I’ll just remember the good times we shared
In the past, that made us smile
From eye to eye.
I shall continue to row solitary,
as the ripples fill in
life- into the stagnant water
Of life, that had dulled-
the light in me.



On a divine day,

An emotion made it’s way

into our hearts

Sneaking into our lives-

slowly & steadily;

cajoling with our senses

that are bedazzled

by the bewitching spell of love.

Alluring our hearts to tango

to the beats of amor.

Singing aloud the merry notes

of lost wisdom and blinded trust’

succumbing to the nearly perfect 

fairy-tale ending!

Our love wasn’t ours’ alone

to cease or resume.

You wavered away,

I stood still, while the amor

lingered, suffusing our soul

with pain and distraught

writhing away in pain-

yearning for detachment.




Laying on a bed of sand,

Ever-changing patterns

Of the crystals that guard-

My body, my soul.

Every time I move,

I yearn to leave an impression

On the world that I call my own.

My shadow has departed

Enabling me to revere

Every single memory

Uncloaked and bare.

I still lay amidst the grains of gold

Cautiously eyeing the

Glistening moon;

My lamenting heart

Attempting to contemplate the-

Synchronicity of my imprudence

And tribulation.

The gurgle and lashing

Of the waves

Echoing in my ears,

Leaving no stone un-turned

To mask the thudding of my

Reckless memories that are rushing

In my mind that remains clogged

And misted and numb.

The wind blowing kisses

To my soul that lay bare

Exposed and vulnerable-

To the audacity of fellow humans

Dancing in my memories

To a tune of their own.

The sky is studded

With resplendent stars

Simulating the flicker of hope

That illuminates my soul

Every now and then.

And here I am

On a bed of sand

Fancying for this

Comforting night

To never end.