Random thoughts at night


I had a lot to share

But my mind lagged behind.

My hand wouldn’t tire,

While my mind continued to sleep.

A question lingered in the air

As I continued to write

That- “If her mind was asleep

who was her guidance

at this hour of the night?”

I typed & typed,

While my mind hibernated & wandered

Into lands of depth & wisdom.

I’ve missed this flow of words:

Of what my mind couldn’t understand,

As it’s not of mind to work

But to absorb & ponder

Dive in deeper & fly higher,

Over the mountains of love

& Rivers of joy.

~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

#2 From My Diary: 06/08/17


06/08/17, Sunday

Is it just me or my head feels heavy for my neck.

This is the feeling I am constantly facing almost everyday. My neck and shoulder issues haven’t seen a perfect sunshine in last two years, oh is it just two?! Haha.

I can’t remember myself say that, “Yay, today I’m actually pain free and can live life normally.” I wonder when I’ll heal completely, physically as well as mentally.

Have a great weekend guys.

Signing off for now.

Best wishes,


P.S: Happy Friendship Day to all my fellow bloggers.😊😊😍😍🌻🌻🎉🎉


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Happy Friendship Day

Lame excuses

Today I lost my cool;

Cried my eyes out

And all you managed

to say were excuses!

I don’t want your sympathy.

All I needed was a helping hand,

Teeny tiny Consideration-

Which you lacked.

It’s hard for me to manage

Though, I’ve given nothing

But my best

Perhaps, it’s not me it’s you.