#11 My Thoughts: Like Salt in the Sea


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Can you forget those tiny droplets

That crept across your face with fear

The wind that dried crystal laden streams

Those hiccups that sucked the life out

The air that got stuck within the cage, ribcage

Of heart that it encloses

Shattered into million pieces

Of joy that no longer remains 

Tiny sparkles of joy that lit

Your eyes containing that dream within

Now that has dulled with grim

I wonder if you can forget

That moment that shook everything within?


P.S: I guess we all own few areas of gray, that we prefer to forget but do the redundant!

Human mind after all! 😁😁


There are days when we have to literally push ourselves to work. 

Today is one of those days!😑 (feeling grumpy)

Ahhhhhhh.. I just wanna take a detour, to a coffeeshop and relax! Can I?! 

Goodmorning 😊😊

P.S: I’m down with flu, probably that’s the reason I’m feeling lethargic today. Prickles in my throat- Ouch!😣