Nature’s Lap

Ebony rocks bearing streaks afresh
Amidst varied shades of green
Under the blue expanse
Tiny streams gurgling
Trees of Banyan and
Gulmohar tangerine
Lushness of the meadows
Cows grazing in vicinity
Of clouds that have gathered
To shower their blessings
Its indeed a beautiful day
Ornamented with pleasant
Cool breeze
As it caresses my face
I continue to sit
In the lap of nature
Suffused with the energy
That surrounds.


The petals that bloom
Dissipates light in gloom
Rises above the murk
Altercates darkness that lurks
The symbol of purity
The petals of serenity
Divine flower that unfurls
Suffusing universe with love as it swirls.


Aydzhan Ismail_Cherry blossom_Z0FkRmE.jpg

When the sun rose enlightening the horizon,
When a flower unfurled from a minuscule bud,
When green drenched leaves rustled with the wind,
When flock of feathers chirped & twittered:
A beautiful soul was born-
Amidst the sanctity and serenity that surrounds.

P.S: Few coolers for your eyes.

Nature is beautiful indeed.


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Weather Delight: Part 1


When clouds got cozy,

                           Rain came oozing,

Down on us like-

Fireworks shooting.

Crossing the horizon,

Sprinkling down smiles

that refuse to leave-

The faces of old and young.


P.S: On a fine day, Season monsoon arrived with all the galore and glitter and drum rolls and I was happy like a kid with her favourite num nums.


At the moment, air is thick with humidity and humans are sticky and sweaty. I hope it rains and trees go green after a day of no rain. 😊😊🌳🌳🌧🌦⛈🌂☔🌈



When he smiles he lightens up my eyes.
His strong arms pull me in coziest embrace.
His curls feels so right with my waves.
Pink lips so smooth, camouflages the stubble.
His eyes so deep, often I find myself
getting lost in them.
I love him so very much.
I would want nothing more,
but his love and companionship.
It’s not want, need or seek.
It’s a promise of eternity
that’s how long shall I be with him.
~ Shambhavi©


You were sent by God,
My savior!
To pull me out:
of the dungeon-
Of misery and gloom.
You saved me,
You saved my soul.
Your caressing touch,
Doused in love and kindness,
Healed the wounds,
That bled on every touch!
Your eyes did the magic,
I got lost in them,
Traversing through your open soul-
I found my shore.
Our shore of oneness,
Our abode of love,
I drowned in the sea of our emotions-
Only to drown the suffering,
I came afloat, to you-
My savior.
I failed to resist your magnetism,
Your kind soul pulled me in.
I’m glad I failed there,
I’m glad I stopped running.
We started with our perfect ‘Nirvana‘,
We made it eternal with not one promise,
But seven vows.
Seven vows of heaven!
And then, Nothing else mattered!