#2 Haiku: THORNS & ROSES




Our relationship

like tiny thorns on a rose

Hurts on embracing.

-Shambhavi Bhardwaj


#3 From My Diary: EMOTIONS UNDER THAT VEIL(12.02.2018)



I smiled
 We smiled
 It was an unusual
 twinkle I saw in your eye!
 You are good at hiding
 your feelings,
 I'm good at not
 The fact that we both do care,
 From far even when
 We are inches apart;
 Cloaked like the emotions
 You've in your heart
 For me when I'm 
 All that you love, and
 when you're a part of me.
 ~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

A writer’s plea: It’s what that lies within


Need no sympathy

or pity;

It’s all about a ear

to our story,

Music to our beats,

Heart that bleeds

For the words that fall

Off our fingers onto

pitch black!

Stark white churning

memories within;

And if not this

Then just a simple thought

that springs within,

Small bubbles of joy

that burst

Leaving a smile on your face,

And at times like these you

end up saying Grace.

When the shadows are seen

and emotions are felt

And hearts melt.

That’s when a writer

has succeeded.

And as I said,

We need no followers

or sympathy

All we need is a ear

to our story

And a heart that melts and

a mind that wanders.

~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

For my best friend


Credits: pinterest

Dear best friend,

I met you when I had no friends
I met you when I was in a foreign land
I met you when I didn’t know how to blend
I met you when I didn’t know that you were there to hold my hand
I met you when I needed a sister
I met you when I was lost
I met you when all I did was just whisper
I met you when I wasn’t aware of the cost
Of our friendship that’s priceless
You’re my sister
May you be happy always &
stay blessed
I wish for you A Happily Ever-After
You’re a beautiful soul
I love you my dear woman
We’ll continue to rock and roll
And to this let’s just say ‘Amen‘.
~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

Random thoughts at night


I had a lot to share

But my mind lagged behind.

My hand wouldn’t tire,

While my mind continued to sleep.

A question lingered in the air

As I continued to write

That- “If her mind was asleep

who was her guidance

at this hour of the night?”

I typed & typed,

While my mind hibernated & wandered

Into lands of depth & wisdom.

I’ve missed this flow of words:

Of what my mind couldn’t understand,

As it’s not of mind to work

But to absorb & ponder

Dive in deeper & fly higher,

Over the mountains of love

& Rivers of joy.

~Shambhavi Bhardwaj

Talks about Mooladhara chakra

Temple of Spirit

Innocence and Spirit

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviI told you, innocence is the Spirit, and Spirit is the innocence, which cannot be destroyed by anything. The fact is that it cannot be destroyed by anything, and it can be re-established through Sahaja Yoga.
You might have been a very aggressive person, you might have been a very unhappy person, you might have been a person who is all the time disturbing others – maybe. But after Sahaja Yoga, you can make your personality so sweet and beautiful that, not only you can enjoy, but others can also enjoy.
This innocence is something which is absolute, honest intelligence. It is not that it works for some purpose. But it is purposeless. It is absolutely purposeless. And thus it achieves that height of joy because there is no purpose in anything. It sees the futility of all kinds of endeavours that we have, and it just enjoys.

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