Nature’s Lap

Ebony rocks bearing streaks afresh
Amidst varied shades of green
Under the blue expanse
Tiny streams gurgling
Trees of Banyan and
Gulmohar tangerine
Lushness of the meadows
Cows grazing in vicinity
Of clouds that have gathered
To shower their blessings
Its indeed a beautiful day
Ornamented with pleasant
Cool breeze
As it caresses my face
I continue to sit
In the lap of nature
Suffused with the energy
That surrounds.

Season of hope

With leaves crimson red
Flowing past us,
Fallen detached on the ground-
Amidst the leaves green and crisp.
Reminding us of the undeniable
Fact of life which is often forgotten-
We must never lose hope!
As the leaves turn red,
they fly away
Leaving space for new ones.
This is the season of hope;
Let the light of hope and faith
Illuminate your life forever.

You’re home to me

I have muttered those words
to someone;
Well, I never heard it back.
I guess we all traverse the roads
that are not connected to
the path of our destiny.
Living in the present
I guess we all try to forget
the words we have uttered,
the words that we have silenced
and the word that are yet to be said!
That’s life I suppose-
Between the world of words and that of reality.
It’s like, we never see it coming
what’s best for us, which eventually
is given to us.
We need to have some faith, as
there’s the best of everything out there-
Just for us.

That feeling

I guess we all have those days, when we are mesmerized by the feelings that touched us once and then again making it’s way into our body, flowing in our blood. That’s love.❤

Enjoy the adrenaline of love that ceases to decrease. 😇😇

Have a great day peeps.🙋‍♀️


When it comes to love

We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between selflessness
And attachment.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between contentment
And fulfillment.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between happiness
And sadness.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love;
Torn between fantasy
And reality.
We lose ourselves
So quickly, so stealthily
When it comes to love.

I will be there for you

Happy Mother’s Day!! ❤❤🥰🥰😇😇


From a mother to her child:
“I will catch you,
If you cry,
Will hold you till your tears stop.
I will catch you
If you roll over,
Make a wall of pillows to keep you safe.
I will catch you,
If you try to run,
Books or fright I will be by your side.
I will catch you,
If you hide from me,
I know you love playing hide and seek.
I will catch you
If you pout at me,
A teardrop with tantrum, a toy or not.
I will catch you,
If you are in a hideous suit,
Covered in cerelac and banana mash.
I will catch you,
If you stumble,
No boulder too big for mumma’s boy.
I will catch you,
If you fall for a boy,
Don’t forget, career and health is gold.
I will catch you,
If your world turns upside down,
With a sight…

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Retreating waves

The waves: they retreat
they hinder the flow;
Of the waves that are-
approaching the shore
Reflecting the cycle of life.
The more you retreat back
into the past,
the present is lost
into the sands of time.
Don’t let your past
hold you back!
Stay in the present
Live in the moment,
Let the past flow away.

Rowing away solitary


I’m floating in stagnant waters
You are no where to be seen.
We started our journey
Together on a boat
We drowned in bliss of melodies
We enjoyed together
We rowed away;
Happy as people for life
But here I’m-
Floating in the stagnant water
Where your trace is long gone!
You’re aboard another boat
With someone who you adore.
It’s sad you don’t realize what we were
It’s sad that I do
I guess letting go is all I have
With all the strength I have
I’m letting you go.
Good bye dear friend
I’ll just remember the good times we shared
In the past, that made us smile
From eye to eye.
I shall continue to row solitary,
as the ripples fill in
life- into the stagnant water
Of life, that had dulled-
the light in me.