Sometimes you can’t change someone, or even persuade them to change unless they themselves want to change that about their ownselves.
I am not saying that I want him/her to change, I want him/her to realize their mistake and bring a change in their habit or behaviour or whatever that is unhealthy for them as well as people around them.
But, most of the time, it’s us talking to a mirror. It’s time consuming and useless.

Overwhelming Darkness

Blank mind, but no peace. Does that make any sense to you??
Lost souls
Pondering mind
Fleeting thoughts
Of random escape;
Universe all ours
Galaxy expanding,
Upturned pot
Escalating water
On tile expanse,
Stagnant life
An irony indeed.
Yet lost, in search of black hole.
Blinking ray of lashes
Invisible trails of dew,
Exit for unheard rants
Victim of ignorance
A rescue call
Left unanswered.
Impending doom
Of us, not uncertainty
Freedom, from our insecurities
Our greatest enemy!
Blurring humanity
Surging population
An irony indeed
Future: sighs,
Bleak hair standing..
Over raised pods of skin.
Creeping darkness
Enslaving fear,
Blank mind
Lost soul
Drowning mirth
Up creek without paddle,
~Shambhavi Vaidya