Anomalous Love


Anomalous Love

Feelings I had,

For you, I would’ve done the


Good God, stopped me

I stood like a frozen statue

One that didn’t thaw

In the extinguished fire 

That never lasted between us

There was a spark

Or it was a prank

What mattered that I was victimised

How could I love you

With a love that didn’t ring 

That didn’t sting,

Just you!

I died thousand deaths 

You were a smart arse 

You escaped the harsh wring

Of barbed wires 

Scars I wear everyday

Scars that make me who I’m 

I held my heart out on my sleeve

Like plunging hand in lion’s mouth

They say,

I plunged my heart out for you.

What a blunder, oh my

What a blunder

How could I love you

Anomalous Love

That thundered

While I danced alone

To the song that never really was mine

To begin with

For all I had was you

My end and my beginning

Something that was never meant to be

I died thousand deaths

But you passed every time.


P.S:If this feels like a dark place, kindly forgive me. 🙂

Sending sunshine in the darkest hours of your life.🌻🌻🌻🌻


#11 My Thoughts: Like Salt in the Sea


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Can you forget those tiny droplets

That crept across your face with fear

The wind that dried crystal laden streams

Those hiccups that sucked the life out

The air that got stuck within the cage, ribcage

Of heart that it encloses

Shattered into million pieces

Of joy that no longer remains 

Tiny sparkles of joy that lit

Your eyes containing that dream within

Now that has dulled with grim

I wonder if you can forget

That moment that shook everything within?


P.S: I guess we all own few areas of gray, that we prefer to forget but do the redundant!

Human mind after all! 😁😁

#8 My Thoughts: Pouring my heart out, bear with me.


I’m sorry for being away for so long,

Here I’m writing again..

Pouring my heart out here, cause it’s suffocating to keep it all in and too painful to swallow it whole!

Kindly bear with me..

Thank you 😘🌻🌻

Sending you all love and sunshine.🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

I’ve a Pandora’s Box at bay,

Brimming with emotions:

That now refuse to stay!

They run tandem:

Like ectopic beats,

Devoid of rhythm,

When strings break underneath-

Fingers too many afflicting on repeat.

When I’d asked:

What was life supposed to be?

It came to me as a surprise!

To see my wisdom fail

Of quarter century old

What a pity!

To see it churn with sadness,

To ensure something solid in the end?!

Sadly, twas’-

Senseless to begin with,

Endless to pin down!

Emotions running wild

Like the beasts in the jungle.

While they travel in pack

Few run amok!

These emotions are now lost,

Flowing across the,

Curvatures of my face, in streams

That dulled my shine

Dulled my life;

And down onto the page-

That appears blurred in the light,

Dimmed out by the very stimulus,

Who took away the sun.

Of my life!

My sunshine.


All that echoed, was

Make your own sunshine.

And now..

that has become my hum.

~ Shambhavi

Like a Kite in the sky


Feeling detached:
Like the yarn that left-
A defeated, lost
Dilapidated, torn kite.
Swaying silently,
Sobbing at it’s misfortune!
Hanging by the tear
That holds it high
Up in a tree.
~ Shambhavi©


With the latest attack on France few hours back with casualties reaching 84% with severely injured countrymen. I’m sad and agonized by these brutal attacks on fellow humans that haven’t ceased rather increased in number and intensity.

Peace sounds a word distant quite stranded in the pages of a dictionary lying in an attic of a forbidden home. What the world has come to is nothing but a vulnerable spread of people across countries unaware of the lightening that can strike anytime, anywhere for reasons unknown to mankind. Because the species carrying out the deadly attacks are immoral and definitely doesn’t belong to the human race. 

Let’s all pray for a better future and for the people of France, Bangladesh and other countries that have been attacked by these blood suckers!
May peace prevail. 

~ Shambhavi



As dark as it seems,
It might not be.
Lost is what I am,
My mind is not free.
Preoccupied-penetrating thoughts:
Like a brimming balloon awaiting rupture.
My mind awaits,
For a glimpse of rescue-
Like a knight in shining armour.
Unheard, ignored, broken,
At the failed attempts,
Inability to attain closure.
Thoughts so loud: haphazard,
Sunk in my mind,
Like foot in quick sand!
Again I am there,
Exasperated to flee this place
To escape and find solace.
I know, I know, peace begins inside me,
I know, I know, escape is not the key.
I’m scared-
To face the ferocity:
Of the wild winds.
To throw the weights,
I need some strength,
Though the strength lies in me,
I am scared to go, to that length.
I am scared, with my heart fluttering-
Not the one with butterflies,
But, with despair and fear
Ignorance is bliss at times,
But not everytime,
I want some closure,
I need some peace!
I don’t seek-want or need,
Hoping solace is there for me.

Rambling of my mind

I have shown the real me,
Thought that was the key.

I was wrong, I was right,
I stay devoid of light.

I have tried- to explain,
But I was thought to be lame!

Am I a comedian of gloom?
Or humanity is on the verge of impending doom?