Positive Vibes

Positive vibes are what we need,

Positive thoughts are what we seek,

Positive outshines all odds;

That makes the demon residing inside us


once and for all.


#1 My Thoughts: Contemplating Life

My Thoughts

Good Afternoon Folks!😃😃🌻🙋
I’ve been blogging for quite sometime & I prefer expressing my emotions and thoughts through beautiful words strung together: Poem. 📖🕯

But, from now on, I’ll also try to jot it down simply. Some may call it a ramble but those who can relate to my ramble may call it confession. 🖨🖨✏📝

1st of the many more to come,🌻🌻🌻🌻

If I were ever to contemplate the damage done by you, words will cease to imply the meaning that touched the soul rather harshly than touching the soul for a meaning deeper. If I were ever to be happy again I must be at peace with your wrong doings. Forgiveness is the solution, but who said forgiveness was easy. It’s the state of mind when in sync with the soul. I’m inclined towards getting better, and probably someday I will be.

~ Shambhavi©🌻🌻

Have a great week ahead!!

Best wishes,

Shambhavi 😊

A Retrospective Sunday

Good noon!🌻🌻😊

From last Saturday to the present was an overwhelming, intensely emotional period for me.

On 31st December, I turned 25!

Isn’t it supposed to be the most beautiful moment of my life? Yes, it was! I had a blast with my family here and abroad. I felt loved and adored, had an amazing day indeed.

1st January, New Year’s: 2017

It wasn’t as great as I’d expected it to be. So far, not so good. Only when the year had began to pick up pace I was greeted, rather thrashed with the most painful news of my life on 5th January, that my aunt was no more.

I couldn’t believe that at all! I still can’t, with my eyes brimming with tears that wouldn’t cease. I’m lost, I feel as if their is a void that no one can fill. We were very close. She was much more to me than anyone can imagine.

Why did she leave me and go?

Somewhere, I am trying to comfort myself saying, she was in lot of pain and God decided to give her peace. She was the best person on earth for me, no one was like her or ever will be. I loved her, I still do and will always!

I hope she is in a place where she is happy and devoid of any pain. I want her to be happy, she was the most forgiving, loving, caring person I’ve ever come across. She wouldn’t harm anyone, never ever. I miss you, miss you a lot Bua.

Today is 8th of January, and I’m still trying to cope up with the loss that is irreparable. Sitting all by myself at a coffee shop with a Book beside me which I haven’t opened yet.

The only way I can connect with her is by keeping her dream alive. By becoming the best of who I’m and what I’m.

It’s definitely not a bed full of roses, it’s going to be a challenge that I’m ready to accept and live. I’ve to and I’ll.

I hope to be under your blessed sky always God. Somewhere, somehow I know, Bua, you’re still looking down on me and smiling. Love you loads, always and forever.



P.S. – Bua is Father’s sister (aunt).

I am glad I could pour my heart in here. I’m feeling a little better now. 😊

Thankyou for bearing with me and always encouraging me. It means a lot really.