#1 My Thoughts: Contemplating Life

My Thoughts

Good Afternoon Folks!😃😃🌻🙋
I’ve been blogging for quite sometime & I prefer expressing my emotions and thoughts through beautiful words strung together: Poem. 📖🕯

But, from now on, I’ll also try to jot it down simply. Some may call it a ramble but those who can relate to my ramble may call it confession. 🖨🖨✏📝

1st of the many more to come,🌻🌻🌻🌻

If I were ever to contemplate the damage done by you, words will cease to imply the meaning that touched the soul rather harshly than touching the soul for a meaning deeper. If I were ever to be happy again I must be at peace with your wrong doings. Forgiveness is the solution, but who said forgiveness was easy. It’s the state of mind when in sync with the soul. I’m inclined towards getting better, and probably someday I will be.

~ Shambhavi©🌻🌻

Have a great week ahead!!

Best wishes,

Shambhavi 😊


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