Sail of Life

Soothing lunar light-
Falling on your dewy skin.
Gazing starry eyed at
The infinite horizon;
Attempting to
Grasp every single detail.
Living in the moment
Breathing in crisp air
Letting yourself
Go with the flow.
Setting sail of life
In the direction
Of the wind.
Surrendering oneself
To the energy within & around.

#7 From my Diary: Within or Without

It’s within us
or without us.
We try to stay within the lines
drawn by our fears,
withdrawn by our mind!
We ought to let the colors bleed-
of our soul
outside the lines,
that has less to do with
the mind,
while everything to do with our heart.
Open up dear friend
as world out there
is not welcoming,
but you can be
the one that opens the world
for another.

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Thunder clad monsoons
of the city that never sleeps,
came with power cuts
that kept us warm!
United us all
under one roof;
from sipping adrak wali chai
to hogging sizzling fritters, &
with transistors blaring
in the background.
Those days were the best-
our childhood days;
Now, here I’m-
reminiscing the old memories &
cherishing each moment
And I can’t cease to smile.

Solitary Butterfly

Google image

A solitary lavender butterfly
Hovering over vibrant orange marigold
Purple and white periwinkle
In search of nectar
That will set it free
From clasps of hunger and fatigue
Tiny lavender butterfly
Hovering against the wind
Among others like her own
Yet setting her apart from the rest
As she sits and hovers
In the wilderness sans fear
A solitary carefree butterfly
We all can be
In this wild wild world
Fearless and unbound.

P.S: I’m writing on this platform after a very long gap and I would like to post more often and get connected with my readers and fellow bloggers out here at wordpress. I don’t know why I stopped writing, I’ve written few pieces which I haven’t shared over here. I would love to come back here and be a part of this beautiful community that holds an important place in my life. Well, I hope I’ll be posting more often and reading posts too over here at WordPress. Till then. Tata 🙋‍♀️😊🌻🌻🌹🌹

Moonlit Night


Its a moonlit night
Shining down on us,
Starry eyed the velvet sky-
Of blue so deep & vermilion.
On the brink of extinction-
“Fear” tonight;
Bidding farewell to the
Redundant thoughts,
That are now beyond the mind
Which craved for peace once
Is now clothed in solace.
With every crease of passing time
Abandoning thoughts far behind;
Embellishing the moment
With caressing wind & energy divine.

Nature’s Lap

Ebony rocks bearing streaks afresh
Amidst varied shades of green
Under the blue expanse
Tiny streams gurgling
Trees of Banyan and
Gulmohar tangerine
Lushness of the meadows
Cows grazing in vicinity
Of clouds that have gathered
To shower their blessings
Its indeed a beautiful day
Ornamented with pleasant
Cool breeze
As it caresses my face
I continue to sit
In the lap of nature
Suffused with the energy
That surrounds.

You’re home to me

I have muttered those words
to someone;
Well, I never heard it back.
I guess we all traverse the roads
that are not connected to
the path of our destiny.
Living in the present
I guess we all try to forget
the words we have uttered,
the words that we have silenced
and the word that are yet to be said!
That’s life I suppose-
Between the world of words and that of reality.
It’s like, we never see it coming
what’s best for us, which eventually
is given to us.
We need to have some faith, as
there’s the best of everything out there-
Just for us.

Angel of Christmas


I wouldn’t lie, I haven’t been around for quite a while. I didn’t stop writing, well, I’m not very consistent but I have been writing.

I was watching a movie today, and it kind of revolved around old letters and old star crossed lovers and Christmas. I was intrigued, that movie literally gave me goosebumps and inspired me enough to write a post today. 👼🎅🎄

I love Christmas, the spirit, the festivities and that we forgive ourselves and everybody else, and actually that’s what matters the most. ❤

Well, going back to the movie again, it gave me some insight and I’m not so sure what I’m expecting from all of you. But, I would like your thoughts on this one:

Would you like to leave your writing behind in the form of letters, blog posts, poems written on rough sheets, basically our work of art, I would rather call it our life on the paper for people including our future generation to read?

I would like to throw another one up in the air:

Would you all like to write everything down as in like a confession note stating everything on your mind sans modification?

If yes, why? And if you have denied for either of the questions, if so, why?

I apologize for a very out of the blue question but may I remind you, I’ve written this post after a very long time and this question is nagging at me. It will be great to share this dilemma with you all.


Lots of love and sunshine,


P.S: Forget me not😋