No Expectations


Leaving me overwhelmed-
the words you choose,
to convey your thoughts
Are too harsh!
Piercing through my skin they,
Make my eyes bleed,
Tears of disappointment.
I see my expectations dying,
A painful death.
Suffocated at the hands of your chosen:
Words so venomous!
Alas, makes me realize
Never to expect.
Live like a free bird,
Soaring high in
the clear blue sky.
Un-stirred, imponderous;
But having a say,
like the seal of an unbroken promise-
From God to us,
To love us always.
~ Shambhavi©

Inner Radiance

Good Afternoon! Have a Great Day ahead! 😊😊🌞🌞


Like the rays
of the magnificent Sun,
Pierce the clouds of darkness
Let your light enlighten
the whole universe.
~ Shambhavi

From ME to YOU

Hi peeps! How’re you? I’m good. 😊

I’ve been trying to write more often, especially my thoughts but all I could write were poems/quotes.

Here I’m writing this draft for the third time and yet again I hope to publish it this time.
I’ve been away for a very long stretch & I duly apologize for the same. Please do forgive me.😇😇🙄🙄

I have missed a ton of great writing, as well as the people here at wordpress, who became my family here. There are few with whom we can connect inspite of being away & not having met them at all.
I’m lucky and blessed to have all of you with me on my journey, thank you for being there with me always.
I hope to post more often, atleast jot down few of my thoughts in here, for I can’t promise to write them all cause, we have thoughts so many, I would fall short of words.
I missed WP a lot during these busy few months, but 2017, here I come all ready and geared up with a big smile and a warm heart.

So 2017 please be awesome! 😘😘😘😘

I would like to share few quotes which made me laugh:



I hope you guys had a great laugh, atleast a toothy smile!😃😃

Wish you all A Very Happy Week ahead! 🌞🌞😊😊


Shambhavi 🌻🌻

#8 Truth Of Life: Learn to Let Go

It’s alright to not have control over everything. I’m bit of a control freak, I prefer things to be the way I would appreciate it to be.

But, I’ve to learn to let go, let go of the burden of making everything right, sometimes somethings happen for good. We must learn to accept things and let go of that pulls us down from flying high.

Let go of the clutches,

Don’t let yourself get engulfed-

By mere sadness that revolves at times;

It’s a yin yang.

Let peace prevail.😊😊


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#7 Truth Of Life: Hope

Traversed paths

For your love have I,

crossed seas, left behind

the mountains, oh my!

Valleys deeper than daily rind,

They do exist in our life.

I’m yours & you’re mine,

Your love, your wife

Of eternal time.

~ Shambhavi

Drops Of Passion

Romantic drizzles

Love sizzles

Splash of charm

When umbrella of togetherness

Opens, sprinkling

Drops of desire

Sliding off my skin

Leaving a Patchy trail

For sensuous wind

To erect my hair on the ends

Setting my skin ablaze

On fire of tandem dance

Tango-ing with you

Under the thundering skies

Singing songs of pleasure

Random lights of bokeh

Coupled clouds 

A witness to-

A stage set on fire

By the sensuality

Of souls in rhythm

Drenched in drops divine.

~ Shambhavi ©