No Expectations


Leaving me overwhelmed-
the words you choose,
to convey your thoughts
Are too harsh!
Piercing through my skin they,
Make my eyes bleed,
Tears of disappointment.
I see my expectations dying,
A painful death.
Suffocated at the hands of your chosen:
Words so venomous!
Alas, makes me realize
Never to expect.
Live like a free bird,
Soaring high in
the clear blue sky.
Un-stirred, imponderous;
But having a say,
like the seal of an unbroken promise-
From God to us,
To love us always.
~ Shambhavi©

From ME to YOU

Hi peeps! How’re you? I’m good. 😊

I’ve been trying to write more often, especially my thoughts but all I could write were poems/quotes.

Here I’m writing this draft for the third time and yet again I hope to publish it this time.
I’ve been away for a very long stretch & I duly apologize for the same. Please do forgive me.😇😇🙄🙄

I have missed a ton of great writing, as well as the people here at wordpress, who became my family here. There are few with whom we can connect inspite of being away & not having met them at all.
I’m lucky and blessed to have all of you with me on my journey, thank you for being there with me always.
I hope to post more often, atleast jot down few of my thoughts in here, for I can’t promise to write them all cause, we have thoughts so many, I would fall short of words.
I missed WP a lot during these busy few months, but 2017, here I come all ready and geared up with a big smile and a warm heart.

So 2017 please be awesome! 😘😘😘😘

I would like to share few quotes which made me laugh:



I hope you guys had a great laugh, atleast a toothy smile!😃😃

Wish you all A Very Happy Week ahead! 🌞🌞😊😊


Shambhavi 🌻🌻

Drops Of Passion

Romantic drizzles

Love sizzles

Splash of charm

When umbrella of togetherness

Opens, sprinkling

Drops of desire

Sliding off my skin

Leaving a Patchy trail

For sensuous wind

To erect my hair on the ends

Setting my skin ablaze

On fire of tandem dance

Tango-ing with you

Under the thundering skies

Singing songs of pleasure

Random lights of bokeh

Coupled clouds 

A witness to-

A stage set on fire

By the sensuality

Of souls in rhythm

Drenched in drops divine.

~ Shambhavi ©

My love for Nescafe


Nescafe you definitely make my heart skip a beat with every sip,

Cause you make my heart dance on rhythm ectopic;

You good old cup of coffee make me ecstatic!

Decaf is also fantastic, 

But you don’t worry a bit,

I will always hold you in my heart, cause your coffee is my perfect fit!

~ Shambhavi ©

Do you love coffee? Let me know in the comment section! 🤓🤓🌻🌻☕☕