Missing You!


Early morning laziness

Or selecting everyday clothes

While getting ready

Or watching T.V

You are on my mind all the time!

I miss you, I miss you!

My love..

I miss you very much.

Dawn to dusk

You are with me in my heart.

Emotions and feeling, too many

Expression and longing For You..

Just want you here now.

Just you!


Travelling Blues!!


Travelling! I love travelling!
Well, travelling is good, I guess the co- passengers decide the fate of our travelling.
I am not kidding. Pretty much serious!
We all have suffered with hopeless co- passengers, their sole purpose is to create a rift between us and our travelling charm!
Hate such people, ok that sounds way too rude, I meant I dislike them a lot! So much!
Listening to Eminem and there it is, a movie running in my head where I am the hero and these co- passengers, served right for their actions.
Unwarranted action!
Ugh!.. I thought a polite warning will suffice, but to my surprise, challenge is what they want, then they shall get what they deserve. A well deserved punch on their face! That is an assault, hmmm.. But what to do, if words don’t serve the purpose any more and resorting to public humiliation is again an utter waste of time, I feel all the more infuriated and have lost all hope over a  hopeless situation like this one.






Imagine you are sleepy, suffering a jetlag and just wanna snooze peacefully, but then you end up far away from sleep or anything close. Thanks to the co- passenger and their dirty nudgy elbow! Can I nudge them in the ribs? No! But why do they do that and apologize only if you glare at them! Heights! Seriously! Can’t few people sit with their body restricted to their seat and NOT spread all over like an amoeba. Luckily, few know to control their body from flowing endlessly over to other’s seat. Thinking of taking a nap ah? Please think twice before you even think of doing that. Some prefer falling onto your shoulder, their self proclaimed pillow I guess. Few maneuver their seat with all the logic and sixth sense in the world, they consider your lap to be the extra back support. Very comfortable isn’t it?! Ouch!
Ring a bell? I know it hurts, I can relate.
There are few giants with their giant feet, kicking the back of a seat, eh karate? Sorry you are mistaken! That’s my seat and that’s my back resting on it. So, please lead your giant feet and toes somewhere else, for a kick, walk or whatever you prefer calling it!
This list will never cease.
Bon Voyage??
No ways!
I guess All the Best and be Safe is fine cause happiness has Lost its way round journey! 😦

~ Shambhavi


Golden grains of humble,

Conquering waves of the blue sea.

Lost footprints of the living,

Recurring trails of hollow behind shelled species.

Salt laden breeze blowing blindly,

Spiked leaves flying mad in the sky.

Admirable solar reflection at the horizon,

Dark velvet expanse with studded stars,

Enchanting neo constellation!

Hermit climbing the bark.

Occasional sparks in the sky,

Eyes closed, hands intertwined;

Wishes made, hopes awakened.

Scintillating water with first ray of sunlight

Beauty at its best,



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