No Expectations


Leaving me overwhelmed-
the words you choose,
to convey your thoughts
Are too harsh!
Piercing through my skin they,
Make my eyes bleed,
Tears of disappointment.
I see my expectations dying,
A painful death.
Suffocated at the hands of your chosen:
Words so venomous!
Alas, makes me realize
Never to expect.
Live like a free bird,
Soaring high in
the clear blue sky.
Un-stirred, imponderous;
But having a say,
like the seal of an unbroken promise-
From God to us,
To love us always.
~ Shambhavi©


Greg Rakozy_The Milky Way_ZkBjR2c_20160804130048427.jpg

Thoughts speak louder,
Than words could ever!
She wept for the answers
she never got,
All she needs is:
Closure not tears.
~ Shambhavi

Freedom Reigns 


Enough of the restrictions

I am a free bird

Don’t chain me

Let me breathe

Let me fly

Let me soar high

Let the wind take me away

With it to the clear skies

Blue and infinite

As it seems

May this journey be as fine

I want to be happy

I want to laugh

I want to be free

With no burden to carry at all

I am a free bird

Don’t chain me

Let me breathe

Let me fly.

~ Shambhavi 

Break Free


Burst the bubble that you call an armor, it’s refraining you from achieving the impossible.
~ Shambhavi

Admirable Beauty


Your words are full of wisdom,
Your thoughts painted with love,
Your soul so beautiful!
Your smile one of a kind,
Your mind so spotless!
A remarkably admirable strong woman with a radiance unmatchable.
~ Shambhavi




Whenever I’m pushed far away from my point of origin, I begin to blame myself and question the truth of life and basically hate everything. But, once I realize my mistake, I feel close to my happy self.

~ Shambhavi

P.S : Sorry for the delay! It’s almost 4am. I am retiring for the day. Goodnight peeps!🤗🤗😴


One Little Birdie


One little birdie-
Flew away,
Across a town,
Over a bay so blue,
Of clear blue sky;
Reflecting in water crisp clean.

One little birdie-
Flew over the top,
Of mountains touching the sky,
From a town,
Over a waterfall:
Of bubbling sound and serene surround.

One little birdie-
Flew over the tiding waves,
Of blue green sea,
From grains of gold,
Grazing the washed coast:
Of seeping water and stranded sand.

One little birdie-
Came to me,
From a coven of wisdom,
After meeting her sisters!
Whispers so sweet:
Of secret to inner peace.
~ Shambhavi



Fight your fight!

When you feel your word is not heard,
When you feel your emotions are hurt,
When you feel you’re not respected-
When you feel your trust is broken;

You’re not alone!
You’re not alone to face the world:
Of harsh behavior and empty words.
Fight your fight,
Never bow down in front of injustice.

When you feel you’re not strong enough,
When you feel your essence is of no worth,
When you feel your faith is shaken-
When you feel you’re taken for granted;

You’re not alone!
You’re not alone to face the world:
Of two faced people in cloak of angel.
Fight against the injustice!
You’re not alone,
You’re not alone.


P.S: This poetry is based on a dream I saw last night and I woke up with the determination to fight against any injustice. If you are unable to stand against it, you are indirectly supporting it and no longer the victim but the one inflicting it.
Don’t let the situation control you, pull the reins and get control of your situation!


You can do it!



Simon go back!’ was the slogan,
Repeated by the revolutionaries as a tape recorder,
And Britishers capturing it on a camcorder!
Deciding: Either to hit them with lathi or shoot them with gun.
Jallianwala Bagh massacre touched everyone’s heart.
This was an example of the British government’s ruthless art.
This was the trigger, which ignited the fire,
For the independence which ultimately became everyone’s desire. ‘Independence’ and ‘Swaraj’  were the words only spoken,
To fight for their birth-right and even downtrodden.
Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation,
Fought with a technique which was out of our imagination!
Non violence and his love for truth,
Softened even the brute.
Victory echoed throughout the country, Happiness, happiness and happiness only!
That is not the end,
Even today, history is youth’s trend.
Fight for your security and right,
Leave your stupidity and fright.
Walk towards your nation,
And paint it with your worldly imagination!
P. S- This poem was written by me long back, initial days of my 1st year in college! 😛