A Letter to Special Something

Bloggiee! Missed you! 😦
Happy Writing to me!


Dear Bloggiee,
It’s me, your sweetie!
On my not so comfy bed,
Or travelling across various cities,
Yours is the canvas of my dreams!
Thankyou for being there for me
Prior morning light hitting my eye
It’s your white expanse greeting me
Your arms wide open
I get into embrace!
Ignited ideas, firing crackers
In my brain: gleaming bright;
Oh! You hit a jackpot baby!
Haha, yes indeed you did!
Flows down a masterpiece,
Down my fingertips,
Dripping with words of wisdom
Crisp of wit, some love
A drop of sadness,
Sprinkles of some madness!
There I am, writing already,
Yet another piece
Cya soon Bloggiee!



Be Bold, Be You!


” Who are you to judge the life I live?
I am not perfect and I don’t have to be!
Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean!” quoted by Bob Marley.
No one is perfect, we all have flaws and with time we come to accept our flaws, and the funny part is, eventually we accept other’s flaws too.


I usually believe in seeing good in a person and forgive him or her, but of late I’ve decided to see bad in a person too and I prefer not to forgive them. This may sound rude and self righteous, but self respect is way more important.
Don’t make yourself a carpet for anyone to trample you.

‘To err is human, to forgive divine’.
I am literally contradicting my own statement. That’s what you must be thinking, but if you read it right, then you know what I am trying to say.
Forgiveness is divine, not only for the one forgiving also for the one forgiven. If a person hurts you, you may forgive him/her initially. He/she might repeat the same mistake and once again you may forgive him. But, what if that person continues to hurt you, allowing them to do so is stupidity. Yes, some of you may consider the very same person to be innocent and his/her act child’s play. I was proud to be one among you.  But, now I’m not the same forgiving person anymore. You do something terrible to me, it depends I may not even forgive you. Yeah, you read it right! This is self respect. I prefer that over spoiling my health, my day and my time for some random stranger, not helping me but repeatedly hurting me!
I am happy to see myself rising above people. I hope to rise above the sea of devious pieces of breathing living matter! Hahaha.. I like that name 🙂 


Love is the main factor which keeps the flow of forgiveness patent in us.
I want to share my own experience with you all. I don’t even know, how could I let that happen and all the more why? Why did I let some breathing piece of shit do irreparable damage to me? Why? Because, I had my own imagination of that very person, I had missed the second face of that person.
People hurting you or even judging you are unnecessary in life. So move past them, unhear them, if possible make your life easy by just letting them go.
We can’t stop judgmental maniacs from judging us, but we can ignore them, move past them and do our thing.
We belong to 21st century, grow up, don’t hesitate in doing what you think is right. You wanna wear something wear. You wanna eat something eat. You wanna do something do. For an instance, in a local bus, you see an old lady, and you want her to sit, then get up don’t care about the people ogling at your work of kindness. If you are wearing a headband or a tiny roll of stole around your neck, don’t remove it thinking what people might think. If your makeup is loud, let it be. If dressed in sweatpant or with no makeup doesn’t make you less beautiful, let it be. Be bold, be you!


Stand up for yourself, do your own thing!
When it comes to forgiving, forgive those who deserve it for real and not because you are kind-hearted.
I’m not telling you to change your nature, just mould it according to the situation.
Being bold, doesn’t mean you slap a person straight away. Haha.. It means you consider yourself before other and you are proud of who you are.



Long distance relationships, three words, different perceptions, various beliefs, bag full of feelings!

Some say, it hurts, some say its fun and for few its just a distraction from the reality! The last bunch of people are those who can’t see any good in this world, they are the ones ogling at the pessimistic side of this beautiful colourful world.

Putting my feeling onto the seamlessly running internet, being optimistic about this whole thing, I count myself among those who are happily living, loving and enjoying a long distance relationship. Well, what does it take to actually live with someone, who is not around you? Mmmmm…. it requires maintenance of few basic factors: Love, Faith, Belief, Optimism, Patience. Now that I have mentioned ‘Patience’, I’m gonna say that you need oodles and noodles of patience. hahahaaha 🙂 Really, you need it! Think of it as the LIFE SUPPORTING SYSTEM of a Long Distance Relationship!

Yeah! You heard it all right.

I am sure, at some point of your life you have had this LDR, and if its the only relationship you have got, don’t worry at all. Its amazing to be in one, yet at the same time depressing, to see that one person who means everything to you after ages. But, don’t you feel the eternal excitement prior to those cute pre-planned meetings, long awaited phone calls, sweet texts. Even, an emoticon, expressing whatsoever, makes your day! Well, how amazing you feel when you meet that very person. Never ending calls and unplanned video chats, they are spices flavoring your love life 

Sometimes, I feel, I end up in an everlasting state of euphoria, which continues to last even when I’m with him! I’m sure he thinks I’m a psycho. But, you see I would put it as ‘Psycho in Love’.Now that is perfect!

Oh talking about anyone being perfect is an absolute waste culminating imagination of your over working brain, trying to find a manikin of your body of ideas. To be frank, even you know that it’s difficult, close to impossible to find a perfect person, but, I guess, it’s human nature to completely ignore those thoughts and continue with an angled thinking.

There I go again, far from the long distances between people! I’m so sorry for such a diversion. Now, I’m back on the road.

So yes tell me, who would agreeably  enter a long distance thing and keep the promise to be together forever. The ones, with a big, even a small ‘No’ can get off this road of pessimism and start living their lives with your lover living far away even when your brain says a big no!

People, have their own views, and their own choices, and I don’t wanna force them into believing that Long Distance Relationship is a path paved just for you. I never said it’s going to be easy, it’s definitely not a comfortable journey. They are exactly like the No Distance Relationship which people usually prefer having, maybe with few topsy turvy roads here and there. Long Distance Relationship have their own ink, it’s upon the couple how they pen that ink into a beautiful eternal relationship.

Here faith plays a role of blindfolding the duo and Trust keeps them from falling apart. All these are present in a No distance also, then what is the fuss?? Being away for long time, not being able to hug when the only thing you need is a hug from him/her, that word of encouragement, a smile that says everything will be aright, hand in hand portraying that he/she is there with you and you need’nt feel lonely. Yes, I agree these are the cons of being in a Long Distance. But, it isn’t bad after all. Those cute emoticons exchanged after a fight, those sobs replied with a kiss and a promise to never leave each other’s side. All those tiny, mushy things of the Long Distance makes it possible to live, love and enjoy it!

I’m missing him now, I better get going :).

Signing out,……


Coffee Break!


Ummm.. Who all love coffee?
Aha! I bet, everybody does. 🙂 Coffee is dark and bitter, but makes our day lighter and better. Isn’t this enough to make coffee, interesting? Interesting it is, yet at the same time no one has time to sit and think about this age old coffee!
Beans, the lovely coffee beans, open a jar afresh, the aroma is enough to send tingles to your tiny olfactory neurons and there goes your brain- Dude, have some coffee!
Coffee is an eye opener for many, won’t you agree? Refreshment for some, an excuse to ask someone on a date, or maybe date someone to have coffee. Haha.. The last bit sounds hilarious and unreal, but if the word is coffee then that line is true! 😀


Get together with friends or a break from a melancholic seminar. A sip here and a bite there, nothing to lose after all!
I guess, by now you must all be waiting with your coffee mugs, or ordering a take away. I’m actually waiting myself to have a cup!
So coffee, don’t you feel ignored and sad. We all love you a lot! 😛
~ Shambhavi 
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