You Only Live Once

Done with your pretense,
Tired of it now!
Your words don’t make any sense…
You shall reap what you sow!
Your humanity is flickering;
Just a whisper of an angel will extinguish,
Your flame of lies and pretending…
I wanna live with no fear, no anguish!
With your help, I’m a step closer to it;
Closer to my freedom,
Release my soul bit by bit…
I’m no medium for your fun!
I’m no one to you…
I never was…
At least I hoped for a “miss you too”!
Achieved nothing but incurred loss.
Loosen the tourniquet of your venomous love; Let me fly away,
Higher up and above!
This time I won’t sway
I won’t fall all over again;
For the fact that was never true.
No more I will be surviving under your reign!
Hurting you is not in my virtue.
I just want to be free,
Let me breathe,
Let me free!



Simon go back!’ was the slogan,
Repeated by the revolutionaries as a tape recorder,
And Britishers capturing it on a camcorder!
Deciding: Either to hit them with lathi or shoot them with gun.
Jallianwala Bagh massacre touched everyone’s heart.
This was an example of the British government’s ruthless art.
This was the trigger, which ignited the fire,
For the independence which ultimately became everyone’s desire. ‘Independence’ and ‘Swaraj’  were the words only spoken,
To fight for their birth-right and even downtrodden.
Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation,
Fought with a technique which was out of our imagination!
Non violence and his love for truth,
Softened even the brute.
Victory echoed throughout the country, Happiness, happiness and happiness only!
That is not the end,
Even today, history is youth’s trend.
Fight for your security and right,
Leave your stupidity and fright.
Walk towards your nation,
And paint it with your worldly imagination!
P. S- This poem was written by me long back, initial days of my 1st year in college! 😛

ULTIMATESOLACE:Happiee 1st Burrrdayyy!!


Heya people!
I got a notification from WP, and guess what it is? I have completed my one year here, with the best bloggers with their creative mind and lovely blogs. Ok! I’m few days late though. It was on 27/07/2015.
My one year journey has been nothing but an amazing adventure. The best part of the adventure has been all the bloggers I met here. Initially, it was just a space to vent and release my fears and an escape,but now, it’s different. I am here because I want to be here, I want to write, to read, to meet many more bloggers.
To find inner peace, some opt yoga, some meditate, some dance, while some sing, and hmm.. I blog! 🙂
This place has given me a lot, infact, it has given me a very important thing, a platform to look back in time and see how well my thoughts have changed, changed for good. When I started my blog, my mom told me to pursue the path of positivity, but I couldn’t do that initially. I just couldn’t do it. But eventually, with time I have tried my best to stay on that path, and I will continue to do the same.
I want to thank you all for your support, love and encouragement. Thank you for being a part of my voyage, I would love to have you all on board again! 😀 It’s heartening to hear your thoughts on my post, it’s inspiring and helps me to mould my thoughts. I will try to write more often, and read many more blogs by many more awesome people out here! Please feel free to drop a line or more. I will appreciate that. 🙂
Best wishes,



As dark as it seems,
It might not be.
Lost is what I am,
My mind is not free.
Preoccupied-penetrating thoughts:
Like a brimming balloon awaiting rupture.
My mind awaits,
For a glimpse of rescue-
Like a knight in shining armour.
Unheard, ignored, broken,
At the failed attempts,
Inability to attain closure.
Thoughts so loud: haphazard,
Sunk in my mind,
Like foot in quick sand!
Again I am there,
Exasperated to flee this place
To escape and find solace.
I know, I know, peace begins inside me,
I know, I know, escape is not the key.
I’m scared-
To face the ferocity:
Of the wild winds.
To throw the weights,
I need some strength,
Though the strength lies in me,
I am scared to go, to that length.
I am scared, with my heart fluttering-
Not the one with butterflies,
But, with despair and fear
Ignorance is bliss at times,
But not everytime,
I want some closure,
I need some peace!
I don’t seek-want or need,
Hoping solace is there for me.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hey WPians!
There is a Dragon knocking on my door. Haha 😀 Yes, it is the Dragon Loyalty Award! The enchanting blogger Kritika, has nominated me for the same. Thank you so much dear and Congratulations to you!  😀
Please visit her blog,if you haven’t already! She is a creative person and her blog reflects the same. ^_^


The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly.
I write, but the love and appreciation from all my fellow bloggers fill life into my posts. I want to thank all of you!

My Nominations for this Award:
Congratulations! ^_^


I am:
Juggling balls of doubts
Among shadows of despair
Battles I fought, battles I fight,
Against whom, against what,
Decision hangs midair.
Trekking to see clarity,
Choked up view, choked up mind.
Coughed up phlegm of angst,
On the glory of the foe,
Not whom, but what,
It’s the misunderstanding and misconception –
I talk about.
As the head sinks into the softness,
As the conscience meets reality,
Redundant doubts slip away,
Into oblivion.

That Fire In YOU!

Ignite that fire in you,

Embrace the spark,

Don’t let it turn into-

Fumes of nothingness!

You deserve everything,

But sorrow and lies,

Encroaching darkness- shall cease:

Have faith!

Beam of light in your eyes,

Can’t you see?

Can’t you feel?

There’s your dream,

Of many years,

Blooming fire amidst ripples of doubt.

Rise high, shine so bright!

Enlighten the ones around you.

Live your dream,

Break the shackles of despair,

Breathe in serenity and crisp air.