Simon go back!’ was the slogan,
Repeated by the revolutionaries as a tape recorder,
And Britishers capturing it on a camcorder!
Deciding: Either to hit them with lathi or shoot them with gun.
Jallianwala Bagh massacre touched everyone’s heart.
This was an example of the British government’s ruthless art.
This was the trigger, which ignited the fire,
For the independence which ultimately became everyone’s desire. ‘Independence’ and ‘Swaraj’  were the words only spoken,
To fight for their birth-right and even downtrodden.
Gandhiji, the Father of our Nation,
Fought with a technique which was out of our imagination!
Non violence and his love for truth,
Softened even the brute.
Victory echoed throughout the country, Happiness, happiness and happiness only!
That is not the end,
Even today, history is youth’s trend.
Fight for your security and right,
Leave your stupidity and fright.
Walk towards your nation,
And paint it with your worldly imagination!
P. S- This poem was written by me long back, initial days of my 1st year in college! 😛


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