White as the sea salt..
Bright as the snowy hilltop,
Pure as the mist born on a december morning..
Tender as maternal love..
Beautiful as the expression seeing her baby’s milestone of mother..
True like the blessings of the Almighty..
Enchanting as the saint’s Aum..
Happy as the couple blessed with their bundle of joy..
Warm as a rag is to a poor in the coldest nights..
Believing as the wishes made on a shooting star..
Your love is colour of my life
Turning all shades of sorrow into the strokes of joy..
Painting my soul with the palate of your love.
Your love is my strength..
My life.

And i know..its love..

When a newborn’s cry echos in mother’s ears as sign of happiness..
When smile means i’ll be alright 
When tears say i am happy
When heart beats as yours beats
As one love one life one soul..US..
~Shambhavi Vaidya

P.S: Ankit, I’ve written this poem for US :*


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