We come across a lot of articles, blogs, newspaper columns, stories, everyday news, magazine abstracts, celeb gossip, horoscopes, interviews and so on. We read them, stare at them when an issue is on our mind,we read them for time-pass, as a habit, with a cup of coffee, on our comfy beds, or in the toilet, as a refreshment. Few read them out of choice, as an editor , few read it for personal enlightenment, as a part of literature and few read it for pleasure. A writer, call him by any name, a poet, an author, a publisher, a lyricist, a diary keeper, etc, etc; creates a masterpiece appreciated as well as criticized by many. We all need a source to vent out the growing fears, increasing anxiety, happy moments,sad encounters, joyous moments of our lives, broken dreams, broken hearts. A writer finds his piece a medium to communicate,  his story, and its upon the reader to understand his story, realize the deeper meaning. As a writer myself, I find joy in jotting down my feelings, my views, my story and I know in ‘my’ writing you may find ‘your’ stories, your feelings.
I wish to provide solace and hope to all those who need them. I hope you find that “thing”- a feeling, a lost memory, a ray of hope, a pinch of inspiration, and most of all, peace of mind. I hope my words, leave an imprint on your mind. 🙂


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