Live: Up To The Mark

03124_HDLife is the strangest yet beautiful gift to us from the Lord Almighty. So let yourself embrace the joy of life and kick the feeling of sadness out and fill in the rhythm of love,  instead overload it with happiness and then explode yourself with laughter. Then you will be truly living,  i.e UPTO THE MARK. 



6 thoughts on “Live: Up To The Mark

  1. theonlysup says:

    the best i read today .

    i always remember this dialogue from Kal ho na ho “Suno!! haso jiyo , muskurao, kya pata , kal ho na ho ” 🙂

    I’m just playing in the present moment, open to all possibilities and potentials. My heart feels so happy here

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    • shambhavi31 says:

      Yes!!! I agree totally. We should live in the moment. Don’t let the sad moments in life hinder your growth. Be happy 😀
      Your comment made my day! 🙂 ^_^ Thank you so much!
      Kya pata, kal ho na ho 🙂 One of my favourite.

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