Lost But Found

Lost But Found

On a gloomy day,

I set my sail,

Yet another day at bay.

Every ray of light, 

Leaves beaded trails behind. 

Every drop that falls, 

Takes away a moment not all, 

Wishes made on them:

Like counting stars, 

On a stormy night,

With clouds and thunder,

No stars of wonder.

I sail away under the darkness,

Lashing waves make my blanket,

I was lost but found,

Stranded on an expanse,

Of golden sand,

Lost in sea of thoughts.



84 thoughts on “Lost But Found

  1. Prateek Kohli says:

    Serenity is what this gave adventurous journey gave. Beautiful! Isn’t that place of golden sand, surrounded by the sea of thoughts so dreaded yet so attractive? I was lost but found – these five words tell so many stories. Every time we are lost in those thoughts, we discover ourselves – how strong we are, how we overcame all of that, how we stand tall after being knocked down. An absolute delight it was to read this! Brilliant imagery and everything else 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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