Life is how we take it!

Ups and downs

That’s what life is!

As the time winds

“Enjoy”! That’s what fun is…


Lovely, as it seems,

It’s not that good;

You can dream

But it is as tough as life in woods.


Others will never make way

We have to find it on our own..

Must wait night and day,

Otherwise would end up alone!


In the midst of darkness

Lies only our faith

In God and in ourselves …

We can win the light of victory. 


It’s upon us how we take it!

Be patient and be willing

And remember:

“Try try till you succeed”

As for sure one day

Success will itself come at your doorstep.


Ups and downs

That’s what life is!

As the time winds…..

“Work Hard” ! That’s what fun is.

By  Shambhavi Vaidya


Done with your pretense,

Tired of it now!

Your words don’t make any sense…

You shall reap what you sow!

Your humanity is flickering;

Just a whisper of an angel will extinguish,

Your flame of lies and pretending…

I wanna live with no fear, no anguish!

With your help, I’m a step closer to it;

Closer to my freedom,

Release my soul bit by bit…

I’m no medium for your fun!

I’m no one to you…

I never was…

At least I hoped for a “miss you too”!

Achieved nothing but incurred loss.

Loosen the tourniquet of your venomous love;
Let me fly away,

Higher up and above!

This time I won’t sway

I won’t fall all over again;

For the fact that was never true.

No more I will be surviving under your reign!

Hurting you is not in my virtue.

I just want to be free,

Let me breathe,

Let me free!

~Shambhavi Vaidya