On a divine day,

An emotion made it’s way

into our hearts

Sneaking into our lives-

slowly & steadily;

cajoling with our senses

that are bedazzled

by the bewitching spell of love.

Alluring our hearts to tango

to the beats of amor.

Singing aloud the merry notes

of lost wisdom and blinded trust’

succumbing to the nearly perfect 

fairy-tale ending!

Our love wasn’t ours’ alone

to cease or resume.

You wavered away,

I stood still, while the amor

lingered, suffusing our soul

with pain and distraught

writhing away in pain-

yearning for detachment.


6 thoughts on “Detachment

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Oh wow! Thank you!!I appreciate your kindness. Glad to have you here Sidharth.😊
      Also, love and detachment should go hand in hand, but unfortunately this very fact goes forgotten with the beautiful emotion that keeps us blinded.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sidharth says:

        Your welcome. 😊 That’s what intrigues me sometimes life is all about letting go, yet our innocent hearts experience pain at the time of parting. Perhaps that’s the torturous beauty of love that makes the agony of separation seem worthwhile.


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