Humble Epiphany


I’d become my worst enemy
And you left me astray
All I had was me for me
To hold my soul
To hear me say
Bi arms that turned
In to embrace
To hold me while I cry
I sobbed away
Tears washing my eyes
To a new day of life
I’d this new credence
I had fallen in love
With me myself
That’s where I found my way
Into light and no turning back
I’d learnt it the hard way
I’ll have my back always
Fear, You needn’t stay.

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21 thoughts on “Humble Epiphany

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Yay ! You liked it! Somehow inspired by Starset Demons. I dunno I began forming the lines with music in the background. At times, we just need some beats to start the thoughts that has remained dormant for a while. I dunno what am I even saying. *be patient with me* *imablabberqueensometimes*

      Liked by 1 person

      • A says:

        Like is too weak a word. I love love love it.🎀

        And, that’s a beautiful direction to take the inspiration in. You talk about holding yourself up. And, that’s just so beautiful.✨

        Annnd, I agree. Music makes the heart go fonder.🐼

        Liked by 1 person

        • shambhavi31 says:

          You’re such a sweet person A. I’m so blessed to have met you here 😊
          Also in context to me loving Leighton. I didn’t like her in the beginning myself. But she grows with her character and she’s lovely later. But you can have your favs. Initially I was totally smitten with Serena, okay I know I mean she’s a she. But she’s just so beautiful so wild and so LIVELY( look what I did there**grins**)


          • A says:

            Exactly what I was thinking.🎀

            Okay. Because I want to like her some day.:P

            I like Serena so much more right now. But, well, let’s see.
            Annnd, I saw it and I saw it well. Hahahah

            Liked by 1 person

              • A says:

                Oh my God. Is it just me or did you like Chuck, too? I mean, I know he had rapist tendencies in the beginning and I hated him for that, but God is he endearing? And, he always comes through for his friends unlike all the other. And, with Blair? I legit cry whenever the opportunity presents itself for him to make things right with Blair and he doesn’t. I feel like shaking him like, whyy are you doingg this? Ruining something that could be so good for both of youuu?
                Annnnd, I kinda hate Dan? Like, from the beginning? I don’t know. He just gets on my nerves. He’s kind of annoying.

                But, well, I just started season 2. So, a lot to see before I go, a lot to see before I go. Anything could happen.:”)


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