That woman who I know


If you think I’d have missed
To notice your ugly face,
One amongst the many faces you got
You’re wrong Woman
Wrong in all the senses a dictionary can describe
Look at the audacity
You think your actions are reasonable
You think you’re God
I mean just crazy right
But, surprise surprise
You’re down right crazy
And as I said, in all the wrong senses
Whatever you do, I’ll never forget
Your dirty actions and taunts that you laid on me.
Woman, if you think calling yourself God
Can change things for you.
I am very delighted to
break the news
You’re Wrong.
Even if I am expected to love you
You know in quotes,
You are gonna get just plain anger and disgust
You say you’re saying in my best interest.
Well lady, you should know
I am a rebellion, I might look
Like the silent type, but the chaos you’ve created
In my head, is like a chain reaction.
It’s not gonna stop unless you stop
You keep your ugly face away
I won’t say a word
But if you do show,
Just see your respect going down
Flat under a road roller.
I might look like a defiant soul
But, guess what
you’re just getting to know me.


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