Muzzled Emotions

Horrified by the duality,

Tamed to follow the herd,

Pushed her darn emotions-

To be crushed.

~ Shambhavi©


34 thoughts on “Muzzled Emotions

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Duality signifies two faced people, I am talking about the judgmental maniacs of our society. They’ve no right to pass any judgment inspite of not being involved with the person or the issue at hand. It’s sad to witness such things, because many people succumb to their situation inspite of the situation not being gruesome at all, only made to appera bad thanks to the involvement of strangers. People must not fall prey to ill intentions of people who care not for them but their stupidity. *log kya kahenge* has jeopardized many relationship and career choices. Don’t you agree?

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