DAY 2: 3 Days Quote Challenge


Hello everyone!

Warm Greetings!😊😊

It’s second day of the 3 days quote challenge. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve collaborated my Truth Of Life Series with the 3 days quote challenge and….

The #7 Truth Of Life is HOPE. 

Quote for the day:

Hope will be your savior: your Lantern amidst darkness.

We all tend to lose hope when thrown mid-air with countless butterflies in the stomach, gravity pulling us down with all it’s might and the safety net spread appears real tiny to even bear our weight.

At one point we all have this voice in our head saying, “Don’t worry, that net will save you.” But the louder voice saying, “Told you so.” would have masked the teeny tiny voice. But in our subconcious we are well aware & that awareness is nothing but *Hope*.

Nominees for today:




Congratulations and Have a great weekend!


For Day 1 Quote, Click here>>



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