His touch knows,
All ends and all the beginnings.
When the sun goes down,
Echoes the beats distorted,
Lowering my gaze,
Sensing the warmth.
The tightness in the air,
Trembles my lips with,
Momentary wetness
From the slide of tongue,
Triumphing at the glory,
Of parted lips of mine!
Lowering my gaze further down,
I touch the louder than usual,
Beating heart of his,
With my hands.
Hands that I seem to have,
Lost control of.
They wander like a lost kid in a fair,
To the muscles of his chest,
I graze, I gaze setting his skin ablaze;
With pleasure that keeps dripping,
From the sensations that kept us going!
Looking up to look into those eyes,
That never could leave mine!
Hearts raced, Sweat embraced,
My fingers in his curls & his on my curves.
Ecstasy in the air,
A night that will never cease,
To settle for any less!
As the moonlight filled the room,
Lay two closely entwined bodies,
With a single soul and passion on the roll.
~ Shambhavi❀

P.S: This is quite an unusual post for me, but nevertheless, I can be writing on similar grounds again. I hope you all like it. Do let me know in the comment section.😊😊⚘⚘


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