It’s Metallica this time!


Hi guys! Time for a music dose post I meant post. 😂
Metallica (Click here to go to the band’s official website). Bands of all time! Ain’t it? I love the music they make, I wonder who doesn’t. 🤔🤔
So coming to the song of the week, okay it’s  high time I apologize for my absence, as well as for not posting any music post in the near past.
Hence, I’ve come up with two song suggestion to make up for the loss!

#1 Nothing Else Matters ~ Metallica
#2 Fade to black~ Metallica

^Click the above two songs to get forwarded to their music videos on the YouTube!
Do listen to other songs by the very band! They are way too awesome.😎😎
Nothing Else Matters is very close to my heart. If you’ve read my poems, I’ve mentioned it in few. I hope you guys like it!

Do leave your suggestions in the comment section as always, also don’t forget to recommend the songs you like, any artists or genres will do!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Blogging!


3 thoughts on “It’s Metallica this time!

  1. Abhishek . PJ says:

    I used to love them so much back in the day. i somehow convinced my dad to lemme go to New Delhi for their concert and then because of all that fiasco, Metallica eventually cancelled the concert. 😦 wish i could see them for real before i die!

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  2. windywolfman says:

    Was looking for Met fans & stumbled on this blog TOO! Well it was such a disappointment to know that there exists reasons in this world for a Met show to get cancelled! Oh so so rare…

    My favourite songs without the lyrics part is ‘The Four Horsemen’ and ‘My Apocalypse’.. And for everything included, just can’t let go ‘Of Wolf and Man’!! ❤ Btw the 'The Small Hours' is an osm song as well..


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