#3 Truth Of Life: Bubbled Up!


This is the Third post of the series I started recently called the Truth Of Life(click here to know more about it).

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As we live this beautiful life, with few not so beautiful moments, we have developed a bubble- a personal space and we won’t be very pleased if anyone disrupts it.

By chance, someone who is probably unaware of our personal space or someone who doesn’t care as we do about it dares to even touch the bubble our reaction to it can be pretty much unpredictable! *punches alert*
God save the people from the hell that will break loose. *Hahahahaaaa**evil grin*

But to be frank, we are just scared of everything becoming bad, so we do what will better the situation first and that is push people away.
            “Wear our armor not bare our soul!”– Shambhavi
We tend to find faults in ourselves, as well as blame them for everything that happens henceforth, totally unaware of the fact that – We are letting them do the damage. Why do we do that?
Why? Why? Why?

Answer is very simple, past experience/s can be very haunting and can change an individual’s perspective of life. Basically our past experiences determine our behavior and at times we just try to justify our thoughts by saying that- this happened in the past so our reaction is justified.

I do that too. So if you’re reading this and thinking that you’re the only one, you’re not alone!

There we go, defense mechanism turned on– shut people out- protect oneself.
*protect oneself* *sos* *protection activated*
It’s processed like a grave situation by our brilliant brain! Can’t blame the brain ofcourse, then who to blame??
The emotions awakened by those terrible experiences of the past? Correct! Absolutely! Gotcha culprit! And….. US! How can we escape the blame game?!

Live in the present, visiting the past is not a work of courage, it comes with a statutory warning, Big Bold Letters In Red:


Do you really wanna go to such an unwelcoming place? Do you? Are you that desperate? Weigh your decision, and every time your PRESENT will win this fight. So choose present over past! I tell myself this everyday. 🙂 Someday, I hope I wouldn’t look back at all!

~ Shambhavi


18 thoughts on “#3 Truth Of Life: Bubbled Up!

  1. theonlysup says:

    i always believed that its better to be surrounded by the people who lifts u higher..
    but then every person who also had a negative impact is a teacher in disguise . they teach u to grow more stronger and cautious.. what say dear.. ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chandni Asnani says:

    OMG! I could connect so well with your post, Shambhavi. 😓
    You’re absolutely correct, we try to push people away due to our faults or past experiences!
    But yes, past has to be forgotten one day, and why not that day be today! Let’s make a start, let’s come out of the dark and spread the light! 🌟☺☺
    Lovely post Shambhavi, I’m watching you! Haha! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. avinamdar says:

    Wonderful post! This one is very accurate, we need to make efforts to break the cycle of thinking about the past and avoid self pity. By the way, are you a doctor of the mind ??? I’m starting to think you might be! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Wow, wow, wow! This post was quite heavy!!! I felt like words and lines hitting my head hard and the way you ended it was epic. Such a huge message dear! Really nice of you sharing this! Stay blessed as always – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Hey Cezane! How are you? I appreciate your kind words. It’s wonderful to hear your thoughts about this one. I’m more than glad that few words of mine could inspire you and everyone here at wordpress.
      ^_^ Stay blessed,
      Best wishes to you both!


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