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Calm waters
Green lushes
Cool weather
Path paved of gold
Countryside, merry men
Wooden holds of wine
Herd of sheeps..
River banks at peace
Motor boats gushing leaving trail
Sea gulls and parakeets
Hovering over them as they see.
A holiday home
Country song
One there, dreams of the hustle
Of the city, a better life.


Calm waters
Green lushes
Rising ball of gold
Crooked path, made of tar
Riverside, fishermen
Brick paved water- wells
A bull here, a cow there
Hens and chicks everywhere
Troubled waters of the sea
Boats, ferries, nylon expanse
Butterflies and cuckoos
Their love for flowers divine
A concrete here, a mud wall there
Folk songs echoing
One there dreams of hustle
Of the city, better life.
~ Shambhavi



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8 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. Hannah says:

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