My self esteem suffered, 
Bullets fired by your venmous word! 
Weak and fragile mind of mine, 
Burst into million pieces of rhyme. 
Words deep inside entangled, 
Confidence in me, lie strangled! 
Devoid of the light of appreciation, 
You were my depreciation! 
I used to fly with wings of fire, 
Decieved and deprived by you, liar! 
Depression decided to stay. 
I have lost my way! 
Happiness is what I seek, 
Years of accumulated emotions has made me weak. 
I am not gonna think of future, 
I am not ready for any torture. 
Shades of grey is a temporary place, 
Where are you? My Ultimate Solace. 
~ Shambhavi 


7 thoughts on “SEEKING SOUL

  1. theonlysup says:

    Happiness is what I seek.. Where is it.. Naah .. U created it… Right ?? Invoke it. Besides all these emotional turbulence.. U got a power. Power of being resilient..
    Shambhavi is stronger.
    Excellent as usual..

    Liked by 1 person

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