Long Distance Confession: I miss you!

Is it just me? Oh, I miss you. I don’t know what makes me so nostalgic. All the memories I guess, it’s overwhelming. I remember mentioning it more than once in a day to you (daily). I have a lot on my plate that requires my attention, but I prefer missing you over the attention seeking matter. I wonder what you must be thinking, you remain engrossed in work throughout the week, and I manage to grab few not so busy moments of yours. Oh, I miss you. I wish to see you soon, it’s sad to stay away. I think I am crazy. But, crazy is okay? Isn’t it?

P.S- Long distance is…..



19 thoughts on “Long Distance Confession: I miss you!

  1. wanderingviolet says:

    Hey.I finally made a post about that free style writing challenge you nominated me for.Apologies. I wrote it then only,but it totally slipped my mind that I had to post it.Exams had made me stupid,probably.-.-
    I have done it now.So whenever you’re free,check it out. 🙂

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      • wanderingviolet says:

        I have missed your posts,too,Shambhavi!Just the other day while I was looking at the posts from people I follow,I was thinking about how you hadn’t posted in a while.I kid you not.And I am not aiming for flattery either.I seriously was missing your stuff.*sniffles*How could you leave me hanging huh?I was waiting on your posts forever!

        The last bit was a tad dramatic, yeah?:P

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        • shambhavi31 says:

          Hey! Aw! you are so sweet! Seriously! Don’t feel bad, I will try posting more often. I have my post graduate entrance exams coming up, very tense about that, plus there is a lot to read!
          Coming to the dramatic part, ahem ahem, it’s alright (*winks*) Eye rolling and drama is good you know, they go hand in hand 😛
          Best wishes! 😛
          I will try coming on Wp more often, and definitely to disturb you! 😀

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          • wanderingviolet says:

            Oh my!You do need to study hard,then.It’s a matter of life and…umm,enough with the drama,A! -.-
            Yeah, so as I was saying,it’s a matter of career and ambitions.:D
            So,go ahead.WP can wait.We people aren’t going anywhere.
            Best of luck.🍀 😀


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