Thinking of you


My love I bide,
Thinking of you.
Beautiful you,
Thinking of me.
Our thoughts,
Linger to be,
Flawlessly synchronous:
Traversing through time,
I lay my eyes on you.


19 thoughts on “Thinking of you

    • shambhavi31 says:

      Hey Sup! Thank you. 😀 Yes indeed. I feel, if two people are in love, and their thoughts are more or less weaving the same present or future, that’s the best thing that can happen. This is not limited to couple in love, even to the relationships people share daily with their family and friends. 🙂

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    • shambhavi31 says:

      Yes Steven, it’s about long distance relationship. When two people stay away, they can only think of meeting each other soon, and pray to God for the same. 🙂 But, this is not limited to only couple in love, it’s for every relation we have in our life. 😀

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