Spiked greens stood still,
Twirl of wand, there blew wind.
Rustled, nodded, they danced along,
Like million pendulums spell bound.
Gravity tugged them down,
Charmed greens moved on.
Fell off sand bidding farewell-
sentimental birch said their goodbyes,
Turned brown teary eyed.
Fortuitous stroke of Serendipity-
Shades of sapphire immersed into,
Allurement of peony pink.
Trail of stars like fireworks,
Blissfully celebrated celestial merge,
And disappearing clouds by west winds.
Feet adhered, with my eyes upon:
Ephemeral enticing exquisiteness
Astounded I stood,
With magical perception of my mind,
That echoed within self: divine.


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