My Sunshine


Then I fold my wings,
Last glimpse of my sunshine.
Frost and cold it gets.
Glint outlines,
Beautiful Realisation.
Ball of fire,
Lighting my insides.
Then I spread my wings:
Break free.
Unchained, uncluttered,
I breathe, I fly.


19 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. Prateek Kohli says:

    This was lovely poetry, Shambhavi ! A sensation of achievement and happiness comes after reading these wonderful lines. The image of breaking free from world’s negativity (frost and cold) by taking the energy from the sun was simply beautiful. (I hope I was able to get what you intended) šŸ˜€

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    • shambhavi31 says:

      Hey Prateek thank you so much! šŸ™‚ Your interpretation is partly right and partly different. I believe, all of us have sun inside us, sun is the most powerful source of energy. We all have this energy within us, waiting to be experienced. We all have our own sunshine and sometimes, we remain unaware of that. We can face any difficulty in life, only if we believe in ourselves and our energy! šŸ™‚

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      • Prateek Kohli says:

        Oh thank you for showing the light ! Yes, I completely agree that the sunshine comes from within ! It answers so many questions that many people often ask in pursuit of happiness. Very very true and as always, you are as wonderfully inspiring as the dawn. šŸ™‚

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