Wild Wild World

A quote written by me, my very first quote! 🙂


Oops! I forgot to give credit to my Smiley World T-shirt! I enjoy wearing it a lot, it makes me happy. Isn’t that smiley adorable? And so are you! My awesome readers 😀

Have a lovely day ahead.


16 thoughts on “Wild Wild World

          • Love-In-A mist says:

            Thank you so much for your kind think , Certainly, I had ever think like this but life full of love and happiness are depends on our effort and commitment……it’s not the nature determined our life.
            Example: I was born poor it’s not means that I can’t become a rich. All of us do things differently because of some reason or other. The actions may be good or bad are based on our knowledge and understanding.
            ” When I do good,I feel good. When I do bad,I feel bad. That’s my habits.”

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