Nominated For Creative Blogger’s Award



I am honored to have been nominated for the Creative Blogger’s Award by Nimmi, of Thank you so much for ordaining me for this award.

Nimmi, you are a great writer, your blog is fascinating and inspiring. I am so happy to have developed a connection with you.

Thank you once again for the nomination. 🙂


I would love to nominate the following blogs for the Creative Blogger’s Award:






**Rules For The Award

# Nominate around 10 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs

# Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you

# Share five facts about yourself to your readers

# Pass these rules on to them

** Five Facts About Me:

1. I wrote my very first poem when I was in 8th grade, that too for me younger brother’s English Assignment. The best part is, the poem was about a Mouse, titled: Mr. Mouse! My writing journey began back then.

2. I am a doctor, who adores fashion. If I would have not been a doctor, I would have been an editor at a prestigious fashion magazine.

3. I love making greeting cards, and I prefer those over the ones available at stores to give to folks and friends. I almost never miss an opportunity to create one!

4. I am quite a social person, love parties (to be frank, I get to dress up! :P) and hanging out in coffee shops (I am a coffee-holic! :P).

5. I love watching series, my favorite is Gossip Girl. I am a music lover, I listen to all genres, and have a special place for rock and rap. If not blogging, I am usually with my earphones plugged in.

Congratulations nominees. Keep Inspiring and keep the creativity flowing! 😀

Best wishes



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