Somewhere In Neverland

Few words of mine with someone reminded me of my very own post.. Haha 😀
Once upon a time, with Peter Pan and Captain Hook 😉


Once upon a time, one day or at some point of time in your life, the thought of “escaping” would have crossed your mind. Even if its not a physical escape, mental escape is what we all want. The truth be told, if not others, I want to escape, far far away, somewhere in neverlands . To fill life into “escape” is a tough task. In our mind, we keep escaping from the reality and from our thoughts, we would love to be at ease. Serenity is what we all desire and when our mind is blank with nothing to review, regret or repeat, we grow. I want to go to a place where I can breath. I’m breathing here too, the normal respiration which is our body’s matter of concern. But, I am referring to the other breathing, breathing at ease.
How many of you love beach? I do…

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