A Letter to Special Something

Bloggiee! Missed you! 😦
Happy Writing to me!


Dear Bloggiee,
It’s me, your sweetie!
On my not so comfy bed,
Or travelling across various cities,
Yours is the canvas of my dreams!
Thankyou for being there for me
Prior morning light hitting my eye
It’s your white expanse greeting me
Your arms wide open
I get into embrace!
Ignited ideas, firing crackers
In my brain: gleaming bright;
Oh! You hit a jackpot baby!
Haha, yes indeed you did!
Flows down a masterpiece,
Down my fingertips,
Dripping with words of wisdom
Crisp of wit, some love
A drop of sadness,
Sprinkles of some madness!
There I am, writing already,
Yet another piece
Cya soon Bloggiee!




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