Coffee Break!


Ummm.. Who all love coffee?
Aha! I bet, everybody does. 🙂 Coffee is dark and bitter, but makes our day lighter and better. Isn’t this enough to make coffee, interesting? Interesting it is, yet at the same time no one has time to sit and think about this age old coffee!
Beans, the lovely coffee beans, open a jar afresh, the aroma is enough to send tingles to your tiny olfactory neurons and there goes your brain- Dude, have some coffee!
Coffee is an eye opener for many, won’t you agree? Refreshment for some, an excuse to ask someone on a date, or maybe date someone to have coffee. Haha.. The last bit sounds hilarious and unreal, but if the word is coffee then that line is true! 😀


Get together with friends or a break from a melancholic seminar. A sip here and a bite there, nothing to lose after all!
I guess, by now you must all be waiting with your coffee mugs, or ordering a take away. I’m actually waiting myself to have a cup!
So coffee, don’t you feel ignored and sad. We all love you a lot! 😛
~ Shambhavi 
::::C0££€€ Add!Ct::::


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