Voyagers Of Life..

I was feeling low today. Re-read my own words, now I feel that its gonna be ok. Life is tough but it will get alright 🙂


When the vision is blurred, and the world seems to be falling apart. When everything seems to be on the darker side of grayscale, when world appears a no better place to live in. The only thing which keeps us going, is our strength.
Happiness is like a whisp of perfume in the air, its essence remains for a while, and later, its just the same old air.
It’s a known fact that there is sunshine after the dark night, there is summer after fall. Life imitates nature all the time, it’s just that we miss those tiny things in life.
We wish to know our future, when we aren’t even sure of our doing in present. I was a very strong person, stronger than what I am now. It’s not the physical strength, what I’m talking about is mental strength. It is said that, what doesnt kill you makes…

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